Poll to VOTE on Cell's Name Title

Here it is the poll is open and will close Wednesday night, what you are voting on is my user badge that identifies me as a regular on the forum, you may pick up to 3 of your favorites (please do this especially if you voted on a neme you suggested) so here we go the choices are:

Cell’s Badge Poll

  • Keeper of Goblin Lore
  • Perfect
  • Guardian of the Cellar
  • Welcome to the Cellar
  • BaDaBoom!!!
  • Gobby Rocko’s Parent
  • Here if You Need Me…
  • Foreshadower of Despair
  • Speaker of Ancient Tongues
  • Designed by Committee
  • The Mitochondria
  • Teller of Tales

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Happy Voting


Not enough DBZ love.

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Perfect was the DBZ reference as in perfect cell

I voted for Perfect. I was referring to the lack of votes for it.

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I am sad that Cell Phone isn’t an option. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ahhhh I’m sry @Tacet I was really tired and didn’t get the joke, I actually came up with “Forshadower of Despair” because I was 1 offical name down, I have a little dyslexia so when I saw phone I thought it was the Pokemon which wasn’t connected, they won’t let me edit the poll now, I feel bad it just went over my head I’m sorry