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Community Helps Pick Cell's Badge

So something amazing happened today (at night mind you), I reached trust level 3 which makes me a regular which entitles me to certain “privileges” amongst those are that I will no longer run out of “likes” in critical moments and will also now be able to have a title to carry throughout that land (or fourm as the case may be)

I have decided to take feed back on possible titles and if people post what they think will be fitting titles here, I will choos 3 that I like most, add 2-3 titles of my own, and host a poll on Monday to be open till Thursday between the choices for my good friends here to choose my Title. I look forward to seeing what you recognize me as :wink:

I already see a few I like and have decided to have the final vote to be on up to 10 selections as I have 3-4 of my one and a a few good ones have become available

#Update II

I’ve discovered you can set up a poll where you can vote more then once and since I plan to have 12 titles to choose from each voter will be allowed 3 so that if people spead their votes around using just 1 maybe it won’t be such a tight race

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10 char

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Phone :stuck_out_tongue:


“, Perfect”

The call him Cell, Perfect Cell.

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@cell what’s your favourite troop? Or kingdom? Or type?

What’s the story behind your avatar picture?

Give us a few morsels of info to go on…


I don’t even remember what Cell Dweller is though. Possibly a band.

My name is Chris Powell which jumbled up spell “Worship Cell”, my favorite troop is Jarl, I’m writing goblin rockets (Gobby’s) story entitled BaDaBoom!!!
My home kingdom is Whitehelm (a guy’s gotta rack up glory when he can’t play), I’m a metal vocalist (think all that remain/killswitch engage), I play guitar and Magic the gathering, I like cats… I think that’s just about it

The 3 titles I’m going to put up as my choices are

Keeper of Lore
Teller of Tales
Guardian of the Celler

Hope this helps

I’d say definitely something referring to Gobby Rocko!

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BaDaBoom!!! Is actually something I was considering, I can put it up to be voted on

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She speaks your language.

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That is honestly where I got the word from, small world

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Gobby Rocko’s Scribe
Gobby Rocko’s Biographer
BaDaBoom Bringer
Cellar Seller

…come to mind…

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Gobby Rocko’s Parent


Being a developer I’ll auto include this as a votable (Siri says this is a fake word but you know what I mean) choice, (in addition to the 10 I’ll have up between myself and the fourm selections)

@Sirrian you should post what you think fits me as well, then with the other 10 and @Nimhain there will be an even dozen

devision. that way your name reads cell division.

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It is a band. They make weird but cool music, a bit like Blue Stahli.

As for Cell’s subtitle… How about “Welcome to the Cellar”, that’s his catch phrase ain’t it?

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I was going to go with Gobby’s Keeper, but @Nimhain’s is better :stuck_out_tongue:

Guardian of the Celler seems pretty good to me.

Keeper of Goblin Lore


Thank @Sirrian, on Monday I’ll put the poll up and you can cast your vote, I really like this one too

Master Debater and Cunning Linguist


Serious suggestion: Speaker of Ancient Tongues

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