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Poll: How long have forum goers been playing?

June 2016. I remember pvp you could quit the application and not lose your win streak lol.


I joined the week that Bone Dragon was a brand new Glory troop, so I’m guessing before 2.0

November 2014.

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Also worth mentioning that before I found GoW I played Hearthstone for two weeks. Never got into that game or liked it much, so moved on.


Found these forums before actually playing the game, as I tend to do exhaustive research before actually engaging in an activity… well, most of the time.

Ideal circumstances made for blue mana generation: :gem_blue::gem_blue::gem_blue::gem_blue::gem_blue::gem_blue::gem_blue::gem_blue::gem_blue::gem_blue::gem_blue::gem_blue::gem_blue::gem_blue: :slightly_smiling_face:

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2nd December 2014


20th March 2016, wow I honestly didn’t realise I’d been playing the game for that long. I was an achievement junky (xbox) before I discovered this game!

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May 2018
That’s right…I’m a noob. A level 1040 noob, but still a noob.

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Started in October/November 2016. Started the guild in December 2016.
BD and Courage was the Meta on defense. Loved using Great Maw early on… Didn’t know what Traits were until February 2017.


Same here, though I spent a half year away from the game from October 2017 until April 2018…

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I’ve been playing since March 2016. I found the game in the PS store and downloaded it so the missus and I had something to play, she enjoys puzzle games.

After playing very casually for the first 9 months, I came to the forum to find myself a guild when playing the game more regularly. The missus decided to set up her own acccount on her tablet so she can play at her own pace. If it wasn’t for her liking for puzzle games, I probably never would’ve considered trying it.

2.5 years later and I’m still playing and enjoying this game. It’s so easy to pick up and play, whether it is quick or long gameplay sessions. The missus still helps out when the weekly event is treasure maps :slightly_smiling_face:


These kind of stories warm my heart. I love hearing about people socialising gems of War, people who’ve shared it with each other from the real world and discovered enjoying the game together that way.

p.s I joined the forums on November 6th '17, awhile after I started at ip2 :gem:


I think I have my date right. I know for sure it was the week they released Sir Gwayne.

I remember clicking on this and I was hooked:



I started prior to 1.0.5, but I don’t know exactly when because at that time I wasn’t really paying attention to version numbers. I do recall that the first time I found the (old, pre-Discourse) forums, people were mostly griping about how OP Webspinner was, and how RNG was out to get them. Luckily, we’ve all moved past that by now (well, past Webspinner anyway!) At some point, the holy grail was to pull a “Sammy,” which was to achieve level 1000, the level cap for a long time. I also remember hating Celestasia when she was given the Barrier trait and thinking there’d never be anything more annoying or hard to beat. :slight_smile:

My first forum contribution didn’t come until long after the switch to Discourse, and it was this thread:

And shortly afterward I was complaining about not having a title:

There used to be a troop list on the official page that was last updated when dinosaurs ruled the earth, and one day I got tired of it and decided to see if I could do better. Back then, things were simpler — most of the game data was in plain sight in the install folder — so it was easy. Here’s my first post about the project I was working on:


It’s still around somewhere, probably…

Nowadays, I play much less (though I still do play; I haven’t been in a guild in over a year because I hate not being able to contribute regularly). My favorite activity since Salty empowered me is to abuse said power to lock threads and get in the last word (I’m pretty sure I’d hate me if I met me).

I have no intention of going anywhere, and as the game adapts, so too will GoWDB.com (at some trailing pace or something). I haven’t made a cent from it but I do love that it is used and of use to the community as a whole. Keep on keeping on (and ranting about Webspinner and/or RNG) and I’ll be here to see it!



I joined after reading this article in Sydney Morning Herald in July 2015.


That’s awesome the game made the news, lol. Thank you for sharing that!!!

Wow. The graphics sure have changed over time, too! I only started playing in Feb. 2018, but it’s nice to see how things used to look way before I knew this game even existed. :slightly_smiling_face:

Is there an archive or something with more old graphics/artwork for people to see?

Try the Steam game page :slight_smile:

Cool! Thanks. :slight_smile:

I heard about GoW from an IGN Gamescoop. Daemon was saying how he was addicted to it. Soon after I retired my candy crush account. (Had all the levels beat at the time). And embarked on my love/hate with GoW. Though be fair, it was mainly love the first year.
Back when tickets about bugs didn’t feel like a fools errand. Cause even if they couldn’t fix it. They’d least apologize and offer some gems to compensate for it.
I guess those 50 gems for reporting an unknown issue was too game breaking to the economy.