POLL: Do you from any reason consider quitting this game?

Simple question which require only YES or NO answer but you can leave comment of course.[poll type=regular public=true]

  • YES
  • NO

But I’m a noob so what did I know right?

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As with any other game I’ve ever dropped, its generally not one big thing but a lot of little things that would spur this type of decision, often accompanied by a change in my schedule or responsibilities in real life. Less “omg, they did this and that, rage, I’m done” and more “am I really getting enough out of this for it to be worth my time anymore?”. Not to say a big enough change in the wrong direction couldn’t be the inciting incident, but its rarely just the one thing, and its rarely just the game.

I’m not there with GoW, though.


No, I am still having fun with the game.

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I already said in which case i would leave the game, so yeah, i did consider it, but that doesnt mean i will quit any time soon.

META after META + slow reaction of devs + bugs everywhere = frustration.

Still waiting for better days…


The reason I created this poll is to gather the data, even that it is from minority of player base, to show devs how they are standing right now.
I am far from making bold statement saying “I am done, I quit”. But having played this game for about 700 days, I am really considering quitting. I also hope for better days but it doesn’t seem to me game is heading there.


You’ve summed up my opinion right here.

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My “problem” with the game is that there is no visible emphasis in fixing major problems. The silly “fix” to gem spawners of the last week being the final push for me to have my frustration with the direction this game is heading boil over…

Just copy-pasting my opinion from our discord channel:

So, in all honesty, I am close to quitting this game…


I secretly suspect there is a Swedish mafia boss as one of my guild members, and I fear what he’ll do to me if I disband my guild…


This is as good a place as any.

Today is my last day playing GoW. I stayed through this week so my guild could get reorganized and find my replacement.

The reasons are varied and many, but nothing that hasn’t been echoed on the forums already. Mainly the disparity between mobile and PC at the moment pushed me over the edge.

I’ll miss some of the people. I won’t miss the game.


Agreed. but I would also add in “no feedback from devs” as I think its a point that needs to be highlighted but I could also make an argument that no feedback is included with slow reaction.


I have not considered quitting, but I know many people that have. Even this Monday 2 more of my members are quitting the game

The biggest issue these days is the combination of lack of response from the devs combined with the 50% troop bonus + GW combo of frustration.

I know that the devs are busy, but every person has the time to spend an hour or 2 a week just to clarify what they have been doing for the other 40+.

I also noticed from contacting support recently that responses are a lot more copy/paste than they use to be, likely due to the higher work load, but it reduces the quality of the assistance that used to be really good.


When I get bored of this game then I will leave it to find something else. I’m no doubt that day will come sometime. I bored from repetitiveness in things easy due to high intelligence needing stimulation. Variety is spice of life eh ?

Considering how bad the construction of your whole sentence is (and this is coming from a non english speaker) i can only say this -

Such intelligence.
Much wisdom.


Thank you for compliment. My English not so good as it is my fourth language and only practice it not often except forums like this. Is not what I learn at school.


Fighting against magic cascades is getting really fraking annoying.

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“Magic” cascades are all in your head. It’s just “recall bias” getting the best of you. Now just look over here and ignore the flash.


Casting famine, and the next turn 3 of the enemy troops are full mana after cascade after cascade. Repeatedly. Whatever “tweak” they did to the randomness for combobreaker is seriously fubar.


We are fortunate to have a short list of people waiting to get in… but EVERY single week since Guild Wars released we loose 1-2 people. And I see ALL the other top Guilds on console CONSTANTLY recruiting, some daily.

I know the developers are “busy”, but there can’t be busy running metrics showing high level player retention has fallen off a cliff. If the plan is to shed 1k+ players, then I guess its working.

I agree with you and I’ve already posted elsewhere that hi level broad strokes communication/response has been severely lacking… at the time when its been needed the most.

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