Last week's event broke me (Grosh-Nak/Orcs)

Well, I finally did it. With a heavy heart, I quit the game last week. I sincerely hope that it’s temporary because I have really enjoyed playing this game.

I have been thinking about quitting for the past few weeks for the following reasons:

  1. The buffed troops make it feel like the game is no longer balanced and a player must rely on only luck, instead of strategy to win a match.
  2. The constant bugs and troop nerfs that make it nearly impossible to keep on top of all the changes. Especially, the gem spawners nerf that makes several troops basically unusable, unless you want to feed the other team 4 gem matches when you miss.
  3. The differences between PC and mobile - I play on both platforms and it was significantly easier to win a GW match on mobile than on PC for the last couple weeks. This makes the game feel unfair.
  4. Lack of a significant end-game for higher level players. GW was fun in the beginning, but now feels like a chore or more like playing a slot machine than trying to figure out a strategy to employ.

This week sent me over the edge because of the Orc teams being pumped 50% and starting half mana. I had one match where I chose a 3 blue, the AI took 3 red and then I took 3 purple and the AI took some yellow that cascaded more mana and they looped on that turn until all 4 of my troops were dead! I just sat there with my mouth open thinking "Wow, that was some bad luck. OK, I’ll soldier on and go to my next GW match. Oh great, more Orcs. " So, I quit to play some regular PVP to try some different troop combos and I was consistently getting wrecked by cascading AI combos. After that, I just went back and finished my GW matches, dreading the Orc teams.

I realized that I was no longer enjoying the game and decided to take a 2-3 month break to give the devs time to work out the major bugs and maybe balance the game a bit more?

I’m sad because I miss the way the game used to be and I definitely miss my guild-mates. I wonder how the rest of you feel about buffed troops, GW, bugs and nerfs and how you’re still able to enjoy the game. I wish I could get motivated or excited enough to play again!


You’ll be back. Enjoy your leave from the game, but don’t neglect to check in from time to time to see how the game will improve. As well, ask if your current guild allows guests to chat on one of its general Discord channels. That way, you can still maintain contact with your former guildmates.

If you’d like to know how other members feel about the recent changes (buffed up troops & the like) check out the following thread: POLL: Do you from any reason consider quitting this game?

The orcs are gone now. And the nerfs are b/c players complain about the lack of variety in teams.

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I’d wager a guess that the nerfs have been performed for a variety of reasons. But, the worst one was taking away Famine’s Jinx. It’s what made Famine Famine!! Why not just limit Jinx to only proc once instead of removing it completely? And also, making just bizarre changes like Kerberos only summoning 50% of the time. I’m uncertain if it was done to actually nerf or just try to balance the game in some way? But it’s like every other week cards are changing, algorithms are changing, etc. I can’t keep up with it and I can’t figure out how to keep up to date. Plus the difficulty levels being different across platforms - UGH! I was in a top 10 guild, so maybe it’s a different experience for others. Or maybe I’m just butt-hurt over my favorite card getting nerfed, but the general level of frustration with the game was too much. I’m hoping a break will change things.

The 100% Warg summon, while I love it, may have been a little strong. Keeper of Souls had something similar but that was always 50% chance so if anything it’s just being more consistent. Plus the Warg is a stronger troop with it’s own chance to summon on death. So while I like the old way (and still have it on console for now), I can understand why it was done and can’t say it was a bad change…

Though for the record I was more hopeful that Keeper of Souls would have had his trait bumped up instead…