POLL: Do you from any reason consider quitting this game?

I agree that we’re missing a “state of the union” style address from the dev team – an honest one, nothing couched in PR or cryptic obfuscation. What are their priorities right now, and how do they plan to change the game going forward such that long-time players (especially paying players) are given confidence that their investment has been worth it? People do leave naturally – it is a match-3 at the end of the day, with limited depth – but I’ve not seen the dissatisfaction at levels anywhere near this high level in my several years playing and being an active community member.


well, the thing is newer players is usually ones who spend $$ on game - getting excited and wanting build their troops etc. Older players already achieved most things and no need to spend $$. So if I was dev, not so big deal older players leaving. More better to focus on new players.

The saddest part is that the game was more fun before they tried to improve it. Guild Wars is a cluster, creating far more tension and issues than enjoyment. Changes to gem spawns and combobreaker destroys the integrity of what “random” means. The event stat bonuses, instead of making troops “useful” end up making a troop or two “stupid broken” for a week.

I still enjoy the normal stress-free PVP matches, the troop collection, the stone farming, the resource planning for when new kingdoms are released. Just a shame that it seems every new idea they add takes the game further away from why I started playing it and moves it toward why I don’t play the plethora of other games out there. And if it keeps on that path eventually it will change groups, and I’ll have to just move on as the game I loved no longer exists.


I feel like I experience this WAY too often. I can remember a game yesterday where 2 enemy troops were charged, board was pretty stagnant, so I decided “nothing better than casting famine now.” AI turn, does a 3 match mana surge that cascades into 3 more mana surges, now 2 troops are charged again… it’s rage inducing.

Edit: Totally forgot to add to topic. I’m not really considering quitting. GW weeks 1+2 put me sort of close, but lately I just treat GW as pvp with guaranteed 3 trophies and I spank the enemies with whatever the hell I feel like using, and it is so much more enjoyable.

This is coming from a VIP 0 player. Not only is money tight for me atm, but I also feel like more regular announcements/patches from devs would inch me a little closer to spending money. But to pile onto that, I REALLY don’t think any of the stuff they offer is worth buying, save MAYBE for the deathknight armor (but I don’t want 100% exp and I have celestial and dragon armors already, so kind of moot.) I’m not buying keys for real cash, either.

Considered it. Done it.

(Randomly go to the forums or discord to chat)

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Well I was about to completely quit and with a friend we started a new guild. Moving away from Stratagem and made Stratagemini exactly for the purpose that the game is fun if you don’t have the pressure of GW.
Trying to get things done at guild level versus other guilds = great idea. But at the moment, you’re forcing yourself through 5 games (very painful in bracket 1) a day for dubious rewards. And bad luck if you can’t play on Sunday!

If some of you feel like quitting, take first a week off in a non stress guild you feel you connect with (sister guild or similar). The game is actually a lot more fun without anyone forcing you to grind x trophies.

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Not close to quitting yet, but my game time is significantly reduced until the stupidly broken gem generators are fixed. I don’t expect to win 100% of the time but my win rate this week is the worst it has ever been and it’s a lot less fun.

Not quite yet, but my mobile play has dwindled from 1500 seals and 400,000 Gold per week, to only completing the Guild War’s battles. Its a speed thing; going from 4x speed on consoles to normal speed on the phone is painful. A few of the guys in my guild (that also play on both) have completely stopped playing on their phones - for the time being, anyway.

Will still happily bash out a few hours on the console, but even then, its half-arsed; Im finding it hard to get enthusiastic about fighting Justice, Valkyrie, Mab for the five-thousandth time.

Grabs popcorn. :joy:

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Someone told me you just need to retreat :stuck_out_tongue:


Interestingly enough, that’s exactly backwards: retaining an existing player is cheaper than acquiring a new player; additionally, a player who’s already invested (timewise and/or mentally) is more likely to convert from free to paying than a new player is.


After over 1700 spent hours on this game, it’s time for me to move on.

I don’t feel the same excitement as before, but that’s because of the amount of time spent. That will happen in any game.

But I’ll stay around, collecting tributes, buying new troops and maybe completing a snotstone event.

The occasional boredom or frustration drops in in any game.
… I’ll probably take the game lighter, probably take a vaycay …

But not sure if “leaving” the game is the word. There always are new cards. They are working on troop crafting system … More kingdom reworks are probably scheduled somewhere in the future.
I don’t really think that “leaving” is the right word for many of us.

Plenty will probably take a vacation for a few weeks, at best. But I guess a nice several of us will get back eventually, when some of the bugs,AI,cascades and other changes are settled. If nothing else, at least to check whether our vacation should be prolonged.

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I’ll be the black sheep for this one and say that, yes, I did consider quitting until Guild Wars came out.

It wouldn’t have been a full-scale “Quit and never return!” sort of thing, but I’d have stepped down as guild leader, probably leaving the guild altogether in a month or two depending on the energy I could muster.

Guild Wars breathed new life into my game. Obviously, PC is in a state of repair at the moment so I stick to GW battles on mobile, but otherwise, I’ve enjoyed myself more thanks to GW more than I did in the few months leading up to it. (I expected to find it too competitive, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.)

So yeah, odd-one-out in this instance, but I’ve no plan to quit anytime soon now.


GW saved me too. Admittedly, I only play the daily GW battles now but that’s more than I was.

I have thought about quitting the forums though. It feels like a broken record of complaining with little constructive feedback. I’d love to see people give specifics for what it would take to prevent them from leaving.

It seems like it’s primarily related GW? And it seems like it’s more than just nerfing a couple of troops (given they just did that)?

Gw is what keeps me playing the game. I love the pressure it brings. This game was way to easy before guild wars came along.


I just passed my 1 year anniversary of playing this game.

I had been playing two other match games and was very frustrated with the amount of money you had to put in to actually do anything and the amount of luck necessary to actually win.

I can’t play most 1st person games because I get motion sickness. I don’t like MMORPGs, I don’t like forced game scenarios (I like to color outside the lines) - and I am limited to my time and commitment. I want something of a challenge, love planning, strategy and long term games. And I am a serious old school MtG player.

I was recommended GoW and fell in love. There were some things that bugged me in the beginning but the bugs fell into one of 4 categories; incorrect troop totals, Battle already fought message, missing notices, and spells not firing off for various troops.

I’ve gone through several guilds - issues with bugs, but this last 3 months with the upgrade to the new servers, GW, now the new interface and more bugs each week as dev try to stabilize just has been hard.

I just want them to stop shoving more stuff in and just stabilize what they have so every day isn’t yet ‘Another bug day’.

I still like this but I am also at a point where - It is taking forever to get the last few troops I need to have my troops fully ascended. I haven’t gotten a Mythic in gods knows how long (I think the last one was one of the path of glory packs)

I try to help them - with community cataloging new issues, even noticed that the time line person has stopped doing the timeline.

I really don’t want to go and start yet another game. But at the same time… the bugs are just too many and too unstable.

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I’m quitting the game tomorrow. Not the first time and probably not the last time either. Just at the point where I need a break again. If anything Guild Wars probably kept me around a bit longer than I otherwise would have been.


Wish you all the best bro. Lmao, see you soon tho. :sunglasses:


Come back stronger @Shiratori

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