Plenty of people stream this game during the day, so I'm going to be one of them


PVP grinding and incoherent rambling, COMMENCE!


Time to continue grinding to 4 million. Tune in!


I watched it great stream


Will I finally get to 4 million gold? Probably, but tune in to find out. :smiley:


Will do
I love your streams


I have finally achieved 4 million gold. @awryan will now be proud of me, making my life better in the process.

Tune in for the late night stream as I go for 3.3 million to satisfy him in the future. :smiley:


I’m going Live for about 45 minutes to grind some more gold and ramble. Stop by and say hello.


In the spirit of your 1,000,000 gold grinding, here is 1,000,000 zeros. Don’t spend them all on one guild task.


Ha ha ha that’s funny


Remind you of your bank account? :yum:


He’s back? He’s live? He’s grinding gold?


did i miss it ? xD