Nobody streams at night (ET time), so I will. Come watch me grind gold



We are all watchinnnnng.


@Saltypatra loves to give codes for streamers to give out. Just throwing that out there. :grinning:


She also likes to send silly mail.


@awryan I have gold straight from the developer that is worth at least 10 million. Please accept it as such.


I’ve been streaming your game for a long time but, never got codes or mail


It really comes down to time and place. If you have an established viewership we are happy to discuss giving you codes for your audience.


Fun stream tonight, just over 2 hours. I may or may not make this a semi-consistent, as in nightly, or bi nightly thing. Especially if it means getting 1 gold and 1 soul from the devs. That is the kind of divine intervention I needed to satisfy @awryan and his demands for gold contributions.




The time has come to stream again.


Fun night tonight as I made 1 million gold, bringing myself up to 3 out of 4 million that I need before Sunday. I also renamed Infernus Sparky, explained why movies and TV shows aren’t interesting to me, gave life advice, got interrupted by my girlfriend, was informed that our Alaskan Malamute puppy set a trap up to trip my girlfriend, and found out that I won’t be participating in the GoW beta.

Perhaps another million is in the cards for tomorrow? Stay tuned to this thread and for all things Doordash_Support streaming. :smiley:


If you watched my mid day stream, you’ll know that I’m tired. Even still, I’ll be live for about half an hour, starting now! Tune in.


In tonight’s short stream, I rescued an owl that was seemingly not wanting to be rescued. My girlfriend made an appearence and talked as I tried to ramble about nothing, and I stuck with calling Infernus Sparky. I also did a GW battle incorrectly by just winning instead of maximizing points, because GW’s aren’t interesting to me.

Tune in next time to hear more rambling as I continue to my goal of 4 million, which I’m getting dangerously close to and once there, will post a poll up here to see what my next goal should be according to you fine folks. <3


I’m going live NOW to continue my quest for 3.3 (more) million gold as I protect @awryan from vicious forum abuse (giggle) and defend the honor of the POWAAA OF AWWWRRRRR!


Apparently awr is not liked by everyone on this forum so you might not want to mention him everytime you advertise your channel. Just a suggestion


That’s the running joke of my channel though. Like I said, AWR has been nothing but respectful to me so I have no problem with him. But I will continue to joke about everybody and their pitchforks towards him for no reason.


Time to make the guild proud and grind some more gold @