Please Join the Heavenly Warriors! Recruiting

We are looking for additional members to advance our guild. We are currently in the Champion League (highest) with a position of 678 with 6,133 trophies. Glad to share our knowledge with others. If you are not in a guild, you should know that being in a guild will help your game with additional gem mastery and bonus daily gold (100% bonus). I am Slowhand75 Guild Master of the Heavenly Warriors and we match for righteousness! Reply here or on Steam to join guild. My Steam name is the same as my Gems of War name. I would need your Gems of War name to invite you. PC/Mobile


I play on an ipad what do I have to do to Join

Hello Zartan and welcome to the Heavenly Warriors guild. If you load the Steam client on your device, we could chat that way. Slowhand75 is also my Steam name.
Link to Steam mobile info:

Guild Master

Can i join this clan?
My invitie code: MATCI

Yes, we would be glad to have you join our guild. Invite has been sent in the game. We have a loose goal of 50K gold per week to the guild to help advance. You can level up all your kingdoms to 10 before contributing to the guild.


My guild is being disbanded due to lack of players.

Sorry to hear this… would you like to join Crit happens? because… well… crit happens.

Hello Kzintiwife,
Thank you for asking. I have joined the Final Fantasy guild already.

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