Please help with the maths

I have my home kingdom set as Zaejin. It is my Highest Kingdom (tied with Darkstone), and suits my Greenskin mentality. But I was looking at the chart below and wondering if it truly is the best fit. It appears the Tributes are broken down into 10 parts. 1 Part is equal to either 1 Glory, 4 Souls, or 25 Gold.

I like Gold. I put it into Guild Tasks when I can. I’ve got tons of Glory and Souls. But, Glory can be used to purchase stuff in the Glory Shop. My question is: Is 10 Glory better than 250 gold? But what about the bonus for Kingdom Level…if the game breaks down 1 Glory = 4 Souls = 25 Gold, what does the player base say?

At the end of the day, I’ll probably stick with Zaejin anyway. And Grosh-Nak for my Alt. He still needs Souls.

Also: Is Pridelands accurate? It is the only Kingdom showing a “value” of 11. Notice it has an extra 4 souls compared to Suncrest. I tried to look at my Kingdoms to verify if it indeed is off, but my totals are based on Kingdom upgrades, and math isn’t really my strength. Thanks in advance for any insight provided.

Pridelands seems off

10 glory is much harder to accumulate than 250 gold. You can get 500+ gold in 15 seconds by exploring. The easiest way to farm glory is by PVPing, and the payout per time is lower.

Further, glory is more useful at end-game than gold. With glory you can purchase event troops (which themselves come with 5000 gold), event keys (now severely limited in acquisition rate), and you can also spend glory for chances at mythic troops once you run out of glory keys. Gold lets you upgrade kingdoms/factions, contribute to guild tasks, and buy gold keys if for some reason you need more (you don’t).

This is why so many players set their home kingdom to Whitehelm ASAP.


Thanks for that explanation. I’ve never thought of it like that, but now it does make sense. Even a 3 trophy revenge match vs a rival will give more than 25 gold per 1 glory.

And therefore, it also doesn’t matter that Pridelands gives an extra tribute point. My alt’s triple reward was easier to calculate: 327 gold, 13 Glory and 39 Souls. Although that looks more like 3.25 multiplier. Stupid maths make my head spin. I guess the .25 comes from guild bonus.

Back to the delves.

I’d love to buy 40,000 Glory for a million Gold.


Well when you put it like that…I guess it’s rather obvious choice. I will now kick any Raider that doesn’t set Whitehelm as home kingdom. I mean, it doesn’t mean we’re from there. Just that we’re using that as our forward base of operations.

I’m just kidding, Raiders. I ain’t gonna kick ya. It’s not like I’m Heath Ledger’s Joker, who can afford to kill the bus driver because he has a whole new crew lined up for the next job.

Or that Whisperer Guild. They kick a few members every week it seems, yet always seem to have plenty of more fools ready to join.

Recruiting is more difficult in Krystara. For the Horde. :axe::rage::shield: