Pridelands vs Suncrest tribute?

So, I was just streaming GoW on twitch, and I realized that Suncrest gives less tribute than Pridelands. Now I might be missing something, but look at the numbers here and tell me:

My Pridelands: 1 blue star rating
Tribute amount= 200 gold, 8 glory, 24 souls

My suncrest: 3 gold star rating
Tribute amount= 200 gold, 8 glory, 16 souls

Suncrest has a weaker tribute than other kingdoms?

Its the other way around, Pridelands is the outlier not Suncreast.


Ha! Ok, problem solved, then. This can be closed or left to die or what not. Thank you for the quick answer, it makes sense.

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Pridelands has always been like this.

If you break down the tribute for every single kingdom down to its ratio for each resource, it comes out to Pridelands having the highest of any kingdom.

It is why there is really only 2 viable home kingdoms: Whitehelm (for glory) and Pridelands (for variety).

Whitehelm is still better overall though due to glory being much more valuable than the souls and gold.