Please change stonehammer's mana colours


Title says it all really.
With Lord ironbeard using blue yellow, and stonehammer using those plus brown in my opinion it makes sense to change mister tanky dwarf.
Ideally he’d be better off using purple brown yellow. This way he’s not totally blocking the much more effective lord ironbeard.
Stonehammer would get much more use then, as he is he’s pretty much useless and unused.
I see a lot of dwarves in bracket 1 but no stonehammers. Come on devs, give him a ‘little’ tweak!


So you’re basically asking to make red day even more difficult. :slight_smile:


If you find red day difficult it’s time to look at the troops you’re using.


Maybe, but dwarves hardly need any more advantages between them.


He’s a mythic, and supposedly the main man. What good is he if he completely blocks the best dwarf and never gets used. I’m not being funny but I think you’re completely missing the point of this thread.


I want to use him more, but the problem isn’t so much that he blocks Lord Ironbeard, but he uses 3 colors.
Mythic really has no business in the 1st spot imo. He just blocks half the available color spectrum. And the spell he dishes out isn’t convincing me enough to give up 3 colors for the spot…


But the whole point of him is really as a front line tank. I used to use stonehammer, king highforge, apothecary and another highforge on defence and it was a right pita. It was also pretty good in the old vjm days too. I just think he needs another look at from the devs.


I’m sorry, but I think Stonehammer is fine as he is.


I kind of agree with the color change. As much as I like him, his color combo clashes with a lot of good troops, including his fellow dwarves.


My issue with stonehammer is that while in terms of traits he is objectively the best tank, his spell is lackluster. It does a little of everything with gem generation, debuff on opponents, and a small life boost. Based on his lore when introduced, I still feel he should have impervious for complete status protection as enrage and spell damage can get around that. They could also change his spell as it doesn’t really have a focus. It needs to either do multiple things better, or bring it down to one or two main effects. While I like his colors, a color change would at least allow for full color coverage in most dwarf teams while not blocking the dwarves in back as much. I like him, but he never sees play as even as tanks go their are better options like gorg for explosions or coral golem for barrier buffing and extra armor and life with stoneskin to boot.

Dwarf norris just needs a change somewhere to make him seen as more than just a collector’s piece and see some play in dwarf teams outside of random highforge summoning.


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Prob isn’t his colours but his gem creation is really bad, 8 red and brown that often overwrite each other means even in first he cannot self feed and is lucky to get extra turn after cast. For a defensive troop he just doesn’t give enough advantage to team. If I use him it is 3rd place just before Lord hrothgar (red get through)


Not only that, but he is a master of setting up the board for CPU.


I would prefer that his spell would give at least 8 mana to all other allies instead of generating gems. This way filling him and using his spell would fills other dwarves.

Dwarven Gate already fills this role i know, but as a Mythic he would still give more mana and be better tanker while causing less trouble due his colors blocking allies.

Another option to be explored could be changing his Mythic trait into:

Mountain Will
Reduce Damage from Skulls by 80%. Other allies Dwarves gain two manas (is it too much? i wonder...) from matching Brown gems.

As we don’t have issues with blobs/cluster of gems counting multiple times are, maybe this would fit nicely.


Possibly too much, in a 4 dwarf party you will get 8 mana on top of the brown gems… that 16 mana from a mana surge off 3 gems and +2 brown banner.

On top of the dwarves that create brown gems…

Maybe a random dwarf gains 2 mana on brown gems. After all the last thing I want to see is a dwarf create brown gems, the from 4 of a kind streaks get back to full.


Ah i see, i made a mistake forgetting that Stonehammer is a Dwarf… :sweat_smile: (how dumb of my part…)

Well, i fixed my post,so he would give mana to other allies dwarves only. But still, this idea should be tested a lot if the devs would consider it.

Stonehammer’s mythic trait is just slightly better than Gorgotha’s legendary trait and that’s really sad…


This is not a “Stonehammer” exclusive problem but ALL front line Mythics. Put anything at the top spot that needs 20+ mana and you will have a problem.

Its the nature of the game, I’m not in favor of changing the colors to help though… Keep in mind "Stonerhammer’ is in a much better position than most Mytics if you give him 50% Dwarf Mana right off the bat unlike something like “War” than can not start w/ +50%.