GW Red Day is Dwarves Day. Best Counter please

Red day is Dwarves Day.

Because everybody loves the Combo Couple Ironbeards and King Highforge.

What is the best counter, when you don’t have powerhouses like Elemaugrim and Infernus?

Can you still play with 4 Reds?

I would say so, yes, it just takes a little thought.

I’d say your best bet (for something non-mythic) would be to focus on mana drain and silence. Moloch and Merlion immediately spring to mind. You could also run a summoning troop (I can think of at least 3 - Sir Gwayne, King Highforge and Gar’Nok) to anticipate something getting OS by the lord/lady.


Try emperina if she is traited

Currently my budget version is ragna- terraxis - your troop - king highforge

Sekhma can make Lady Ironbeard useless in one cast.

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I use

Crimson Bat

Lion Banner

Seems to work well for me so far. The trick is to get the Dawnbringer’s barrier up ASAP, and the Ironbeard’s triple damage becomes harmless.

No counter is possible if Ironbeard (lord and lady) fill up in one round. I’m going to open a thread about this :slight_smile:

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Have you try a maiden on first spot to web the lord before he fills up?