Please change Possession to resurrect ONCE after death

The RNG in this game is totally ruining the experience for me, no matter how cool the game is.
At some point, you’re gonna be fed up with getting the short end of the RNG stick. Doing hundreds of PvP battles with a weakened team for a chance of double traitstones, and only getting minor and major stones.

But none of that compares to The Dragon Soul resurrecting 4 or 5 times in a row, every single time it resurrects.

Please try to explain to me WHY this is fun, because I cannot see it… It just drags a fight on 5 times as long as it would have taken.



Bless. Yeah we’ve all been there. But it’s a game that is heavily driven by RNG, both with drops of gems, and chances of procs. Sometimes it goes against you.

We know the RNG algorithms can be streaky sometimes (a fault in most RNG computations in games) so we do get odd runs, which with recall bias, really stick in the mind, and really hurt.

I’ve seen a lot of Dragon Soul recently, and yeah once it revived seven times in one game. But I’ve been watching and most often it doesn’t revive, against me, at least.

PS: this isn’t a feature request, so I moved it to gameplay chat.


So I just had Dragon Soul resurrect 13 times in a row…gotta be a record…


Devs: please change Possession to actually be a new unique and interesting trait and not just a copy of IK’s revival trait.

My personal favourite for reworking Possession: when an enemy troop dies, 50% chance to summon them onto your side.

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Possession original design was to have Dragon soul resurrect in place of another troop. So 100% chance of resurrect but you lose one troop anyway. We can only hope they do implement it once moving to Unity.

Yep I know that, but it was bugged, so we got this version as an ‘interim’ fix while it was reworked.

Disagree. I think the original drafting was a horrendously bad idea for a legendary trait and feels like a disadvantage, not an advantage that we should have to graft hard to unlock.

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Can always be worked like: resurrect on the last troop (or first troop). You can then summon to make sure that you always have troops available. Or make DS summon a weak troop as part of the spell that would be the prime target upon death.

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if possession was changed to 1 ressurection after death

  • at least it would be a different trait then the IK one

so TDS would gain its uniqueness a legendary deserves

i dont see why not :stuck_out_tongue:

(im still hoping he would rather get a complete rework of his trait)

that was a horrible trait, i dont wanna see it ever again

brilliant :smiley: but id switch it to 20% since it can trigger mu;ltiple times xD

Yeah first version wasn’t that good…
Why not a “When an ally dies, 25/50% to summon a Soul Dragon”?


i think we actually need unity to make the trait perfect:

When no TDS alive: each time an ally dies 25/50% chance to summon TDS

the traits activated “after” and “as long” as unit is dead or is not in party cant possibly be done until we get a better engine :stuck_out_tongue:

8 here, that’s insane!

My dragon muncher killed dragon soul every other time so 50% is accurate… so why the f… did it (Dragon soul) respawn 13 times in a row 25% my ass. On a good note I finally traited my dragon soul to have resurrect just in time for them to fix it… hahah

Stupid Revive procced 5 times on a gw battle :sweat_smile:
glad it was not a devour/deathmark proc

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I like DS resurrection because it makes each battle different and interesting. I wouldn’t want them to change it, personally. There are times when I have lost a battle due to a DS just not dying, but I am okay with that. 99.9% of the time I play against a team with DS, I wreck them, so losing now and again keeps things interesting.

And then resurrected on the victory screen to haunt you again. :grin:


Well, he ended up being 6 of the 9 troops she killed, so odds are, he’d show up there…


Ah, is that how it works? Didn’t know that. Thought it was a random pick of the initial four troops.

Mostly, I was just goofing around. I don’t know for sure how it works, but I know that any troop that appeared in the lineup can show up on that screen.


Lots of xp! 9 resurrection is my record against. It’s no fun when the bastard regenerates this week on console with around 170 hp to chip away at.