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They’re still separate servers for PS4 versus PC/mobile so, if anything, the fact that different environments are showing different things is confirmation that it is indeed random.


no one has stated that they show different things


2 separate servers…are they really going to randomize 2 servers the exact same way? that’s NOT possible. therefore it can’t be random. It’s like shuffling 2 decks of cards only to have them pop up with the same outcome week after week after week.


Again, did they ever state that they use a different server as the source for the weekly recipes? Why not have a single source?


If it was the same server they could "technically sync up every version of the game in many more ways than it is…barring microsoft and sony approval of course.


That’s correct, they could. But as you said, there are policy hurdles there, and potentially other technical hurdles (perhaps other servers are separate, just not the ones that are used to generate forge data). In any case, I still feel this is a terrible way to go about handling forging, period, and everything should always be available to everyone provided they have the ingredients.


I can’t argue with that second part…at all.


IMO part of this is streams don’t make for a good archive of what was discussed. I can’t check a page to see if some issue is known/was discussed in a stream. If the video is around, I can’t always spend hours listening to previous streams to figure out if my issue is covered.

It’d be nice if there were a text summary, and nicer if it were a permanent thing with cross-references or had an index or something. But that’s work.

That’s always been the frustrating thing:

  • Streams and unedited video are zero effort for the creator, but exceptionally difficult for a user to consume.
  • Well-edited video is difficult to produce (even minor things, such as "the topic of discussion is displayed so you can scrub through), but much better for the user.
  • Web pages are difficult to produce for the creator, but exceptionally efficient and useful to the user.

90% of web content today is “whatever’s easiest for me to make, who cares if it’s hard for you?” And I think it seems the answer is, “You care, because you get fewer relevant questions.”


I’d like to suggest a feature. How about once a week you could refresh lets say 2 craftable mythic troops into other ones for a fee? Like 100 gems or something. Then at least we’d still have a little bit of hope left every monday morning (after finding out Pharos-Ra isn’t in the pool). So we gamble our gems away to numb the pain. Or get lucky and refresh into a Pharos-Ra.

It should only be possible to refresh max 2 troops max once a week though.


I’d like crafting to be a completely no-RNG, straightforward path to troops I don’t have. If I were to spend gems - now that they introduced another resource - I’d use them in chests. Even if it takes 3 months for every troop to rotate, as long as I know it, I’m fine with it.

The current RNG system, I have a hard time thinking the devs sat on a table and decided it would be random. Hopefully that will change soon.


Exactly, a rolling schedule would be the most fair thing because this crap is ridicilous. But if they wont change it to that i think my idea would work.


@Sirrian, @Nimhain Why is there still NO communication going on? you guys used to chime in on the important threads.


New Mythic events used to be fun and something to look forward to.
But now they come with the consequence of making the troops we want in the soul forge. Even less likely to appear.
So thanks for that. :-1:


That’s a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation. Unless all mythics are offered all the time, any new troop added to the pool increases the time for your preferred mythic to appear. On the other hand, before Soul Forge if you missed a mythic during its exclusive period, that was pretty much it — you were never seeing it again.

Perhaps the middle ground is to make all troops available for 1000 diamonds (legendary) or 4800 diamonds (Mythic). Then, each week four are chosen to be on sale for 800/4000. This runs into issues of buyer’s remorse if you buy Death at 4800 the day before it goes on sale, so a more sensible option would be fixed schedules cycling through all mythics to determine which are cheaper each week.


Hi all/Sheba, before I chime I would like to point out that this thread has diverged into multiple directions (Can’t we just mourn Ra Ra Pharos Ra? I liked that sense of community in hard times :wink: ) so I can only cover a few things.

I appreciate the suggestions towards provide greater clarity around our responses to your questions. We do have the Dev Q&A, but I understand the answers are still provided on Stream. What if we could post the answers to the forums as well? I noticed another player doing this.

I think this is a particularly tough transition period for Gems of War after the transfer to Unity. As we are a small indie team sharing various responsibilities things can sometimes slip through the cracks. If we’re being vague it’s not because we are trying to hide things from you: Sometimes we are working out things as we go along. We cannot predict the reactions of all players to a new feature. If there is negative responses to features or changes it can take some time to incorporate this and make positive changes going forward as we’re already a step ahead doing and planning the next thing. We then have to work backwards to revisit suggestions from the playerbase.

In short, I appreciate the need to be more transparent with statements where possible and we’ll do our best to pertain to this. Admittedly it’s a bit chaotic over here managing the various known issues we’ve got going on. This is likely the cause of some vague answers. I am hoping to help liaise with the team to work on these problems and hone our problem tracking in the future. For now hang tight! :sun_with_face:

Streaming Time (Vote!)

Just want to say @Cyrup thank you for all your activity on the forums lately in @Saltypatra absence. The transparency is greatly appreciated.



this thread is so sad, my bruddas, I cry for you too…


Hey, @Cyrup, I was beaten to saying the same thing @Ghaleon now already said. Thanks so much for your response. It’s greatly appreciated! I only started the game when it was on Unity already, so I don’t really know what was “before”, meaning I likely can’t compare and really understand what you guys are going through right now. Of course, I also wish you would have been able to deal with a lot of buggy stuff before rolling out the new UI, that way everyone would have less trouble at this point.

I also think it would be lovely if someone of you could indeed do the Stream summaries. So far it’s up to the users. I cannot watch the Streams at all because my computer doesn’t seem to like them, so I have to rely on others and if no one posts anything, I never know what’s being said and therefore might complain or be confused about stuff that’s been discussed. In the end, all streams, not just the Q&A, seem to have some interesting information in them and I feel like a lot of these things need to be available in a quick-to-find place. Forcing users to watch an hour-long video is not good for that and not everyone can, either. I feel an official thread where stream-summaries are posted and nothing else would be a great help to many so that all of the community is on the same page at all times.

But yeah, I am also sad the thread got a bit into the very serious direction. We should console each other about Pharos-Ra, as this is the support group!:blush:

So have a derpy bunny to break up the serious mood.


@en9nhcet was not able to met up here. so he had to pas it in the last minute. Hes aiming for Hero Level 1900 before xmas.