Pharos Ra Support Group... All Welcome... 😭


Brudda Vangor Goodwill is here with you too bruddas, even if you cannot see him. He supports you greatly!

A closer look at his face, it have affected him greatly too.


Sad, guess this post is dead now, one little post about nothing really killed it…and No resolution in site. THIS is why people stopped having faith in the devs.


Daaaaaammmmnnn… I asked before what is the current highest level a player reahed so far in the game, but the question was ignored (probably lost among others questions in another thread), wondering if the answer will be en9nhcet by the time s/he reachs level 1900.


First and foremost, thank you to everybody who participated in this conversation. It takes a strong, civil back and forth to affect real change. And perhaps we managed to do that.

Secondly, @WishKiller, this thread is far from dead. I still need a ton of support. :sob: And on a serious note, please try not to see @Cyrup’s comment as a negative thing. Sure he didn’t mention the Soul Forge at all, BUT he was honest, sincere, apologetic, reminded us that they ARE still an indie team despite having added some new people, and asked us to please “hold tight” while they DO work through issues based on player feedback.

I know it’s not “The Soul Forge is changing next week!” But, I still choose to see it as a positive. :wink:


Doing the rain dance with chicken entrails*


@efh313 wonders why nobody is doing rain dances with MOA entrails… :thinking:


I hope you can communicate to the people above and around you that players understand, “This is what we consider our top issues, we’re working on this one issue as hard as we can, but there are enough major issues we can’t focus 100% on it.” Players do not understand silence.

I get the feeling from the kinds of bugs that are slipping through there’s no time for QA. But without some really public indication of, “We didn’t spend a lot of time on X because we consider Y to be our biggest issue”, it looks like incompetence or apathy to players.

Your post right here’s the closest thing to that I’ve seen on the forums in the ~3 months I’ve played. You need to sticky this kind of talk and put it in a place where every player can see it, rather than let it be buried in the comments of a random thread complaining about a roulette wheel!


hmm sounds like a rumour :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I don’t understand what needs to be resolved. The game works a certain way, and you don’t like that. That’s not a bug or a failing of the game.

I’m waiting for Pharos-Ra too! It’s unlucky that we’ve had a wait, but nothing to get upset over. Think how happy you’ll be when Pharos-Ra finally shows! :unicorn::santa::alien::genie::rainbow:


Looking for more moa entrails… Moa moa moa


What the heck is up with that fowl?

Suddenly it’s everywhere.

That’s not the chicken we wanted.


So I guess no one in this thread will want to know which mythic we just got from a legendary task, eh? :thinking:



OUT! :point_right:

Attention all Pharos Ra Support Group members!!

@vanyel has been officially BANNED from the thread!

Seriously though congrats on the great luck with your LT and… OUT! :point_right:



Oh wait…you thought we got pharos ra?? No no no! We got gard’s avatar! Sorry, didn’t mean to imply (much) that we had gotten pharos…

accepts his banishment and slowly walks away before the gnashing teeth are joined by pitchforks

Sorry - couldn’t help it. I haven’t had my turkey yet… :wink:


Bringing this thread back up because 40 minutes until Monday reset!

40 minutes!

Ra, Ra, Pharos-Ra! He’s the greatest God by far!

Or the greatest coward chicken again. We shall see… Here’s to hoping for success! Come ooooon, Pharos-Ra!:persevere: If he isn’t there again, we can officially conclude that all the Moas who fought and died this week are braver than him because Moas were everywhere and Pharos-Ra isn’t.


Crossing fingers for you guys


Maybe all those Moas where a herald for the beaked god of souls! Ra! Ra! Ra! Ra! Ra!

crosses fingers


It appears to be another dud week.


I wouldn’t call the available mythics a dud, but Pharos-Ra they’re not :cry:


Devs, this garbage is getting REALLY old! Do you no longer hear the public @Sirrian @Nimhain???

EDIT: I am no longer supporting this game …I will not spend any money here what so ever…UNTIL something is done about this…though I will continue playing to be fair to My guildmates…I have to pull my weight…for them