Pharos Ra Support Group... All Welcome... 😭


Sob sob sniffles


Yeah, no comment. I suppose at this point I’m not even that disappointed anymore since it feels “normal”, haha. Actually thinking of crafting Yasmine’s Chosen this week and just forget about Ra completely - I have almost enough for another Mythic, but since chests hated me, I also need Worldbreaker really badly.


You know what’s even worst, is my friend Kaheradin (who spent all his gems chasing Pharos when I told him not to) and I (who have 4 pharos) were deciding who was going to run TUF:Unrepentant and which of us was going to run TUF:Abaddon. I went to TUF:Abaddon. Guess which guild got Pharos in a legendary task. TUF:Abaddon. So now I have a 5th Pharos that I don’t need and my best friend of 30+ years is like bummed he STILL doesn’t have Pharos.

Now I have pretty much everything to mythic (except GW troops, our recent epic gift, and autumn imp. If there’s an Autumn Imp support group, I’ll join that one. I spend 18,000 gems on VIP Keys and 9,000 glory keys. Not one Autumn Imp.


That’s why we also need a trade function.


It would break the economy though. I’d gift my thousand of extra runics and thousand of arcanes.


We still don’t get any mythics in our LTs but we have had plenty of Imps, including a few Autumnal ones. :grin:

And no Wulfgarok in the forge either this week…


Abaddon got a mythic two weeks in a row even. Doomclaw when they did 101 legendaries to celebrate hitting the top 50 and however many we did this week.

Today is 1 year in TUF for me. Funny I just left TUF:Unrepentant a few days before my anniversary to lead TUF:Abaddon.


Ra Ra Pharos Ra!!! Why did Thou forsake Thy most devoted fans!!! Look at all of our sacrificed Moas and chickens!! Look at all the bloody mess!!! WWWHHHYYYYYY!!!

:sob: :sob: :sob:


I’m still just questioning why gating them this way was ever part of the design. Still seems to me like it has to be a holdover from a completely different system where the bottleneck crafting resource was grindable and they needed another check to mediate progression, but changed their minds (or were publisher mandated) and made the crafting resource a hard time bottleneck. The utter disparity in the design elements of how the system is supposed to function irritates me far more than not having Pharos, who is just a box to check off for me at this point.


I’m not short of Pharoses. Was rather hoping Worldbuster would appear. Obviously none of us got what we wanted. Yes the rng part is clearly unnecessary on a seriously gated crafting option…


Anybody keeping tracks of what mythic was in the forge and when?


A good selection this week. I decided to go for euryali. Ketras can wait for now.



I would have been very surprised indeed had Worldbreaker showed up. Event troops have a one-month delay before they enter chests. It’s reasonable to think that crafting would involve a similar delay in availability.



Thank you, thank you devs


Thank you!



I hit 8,000 diamonds last week. I really want Pharos-Ra or Infernus. I passed on Infernus a few weeks ago because I didn’t want to miss out on Pharos-Ra if he became available before I had enough diamonds for a second mythic. This is a TERRIBLE system. I love this game, but pure randomness in the soul forge makes NO sense at all as a design choice. I’ve never been this frustrated. I’d consider crafting a Gard’s Avatar or Worldbreaker if they came up, but at this point I’ll be able to afford a 3rd mythic before I can spend my diamonds on something I actually want.


I feel you… right here—> :heart:

I did the EXACT same thing, passing on Wulfy… who surprise surprise has ALSO not come back around since… gaining on 9000 gems atm…