Pharos Ra Support Group... All Welcome... 😭


It might be a football, but I feel it is more likely that it’s a giant tribble that had been forgotten on the starship Enterprise.:wink:


I am waiting for Wulfgarok, not Pharos Ra. But I share the disappointment of everyone.


I passed on Wulfy to wait for Pharos… now I am STILL missing 2 troops… :sob:


didnt realise people actually wanr stonehammer xD that a lot of resources to waste trying for one of the worst mythics imo


all that for a Stonehammer? oi. at that price, they owe you a stonehammer t-shirt as well. congrats though!


Yeah i know but it was the only one i was missing and i wanted the complete collection… it took awhile to show up but im still happy they introduced crafting cause without it, it could be impossible.


I think Stonehammer is underrated. The dwarf teams are pretty legit now between him & Highforge, especially on defense, (and especially on Red/Green/Purple day in GW thanks to Keghammer & Lady Ironforge). Dwarven Gate is also pretty effective up front; however, Stonehammer effectively shuts down any skull-based team.


@Nimhain, @Sirrian, @Ozball Why is the community CONSTANTLY Ignored on this? Again and again the community needs answers and we’re ignored again and again…counting Mine there’s at least THREE threads on this…and we’re purposefully Ignored again and again.,what’s worse that no resolution of the issue there’s ZERO communication between us and the devs. PLEASE address this issue guys…between personal issues and the Soulforge\Pharos Ra issue I have not touched this game in a week aside from my daily login, I am almost completely fed up with GoW . and almost ready to relinquish control of my guild and stop playing completely simply because of you devs IGNORING the major issues everyone needs addressed.


Look at it this way: by the time you get Pharos Ra, you won’t NEED to farm souls!


Well, I have ten more kingdoms to get to five stars and then to craft everything in the soulforge, including all Dawnbringer parts and the Dawnbringer itself. Assuming about 50k souls per kingdom, that’s 1,8mil souls at least.

…So yeah, your theory sounds about right. Bet I’ll have twice that when we get Pharos-Ra in the forge.:weary:


I got Pharos Ra in a chest, lucky me.


@efh313 tries to sacrifice @Sin_Ogaris to RNGesus in order to bring forth the mystical Ra… :imp:

@Sin_Ogaris runs away… :scream:

@efh313 sits down and… :sob:


The devs have mentioned multiple times that the Soul Forge is random, and they have no control of what shows up.

They’re also discussing how they want to change the Soul Forge rotation. Since they rarely jump into a fix immediately, all you can do is wait. (or retire from Gems)


It’s not Just that…it’s the lack of communication, when I first joined…big issues were always addressed even if it was just talking with the community. That no longer happens…minus when everyone raised a stink about the UI.


Where is this communication?


Dev Q&A, and their regular streams, they still get asked the same thing a lot.


It’s still a problem with the UI as well, to be honest - it’s not like the health hazards like the sidescrolling or transparent board are gone and communication about what will be done about that has also come to a halt; in the Q&A only the sidescrolling had been adressed with a “maybe we will make it optional” while all other issues weren’t even mentioned besides a “we will continue to improve the UI”.

I still think this game has better dev-community interactions than basically all other games, but I feel like really critical things indeed don’t get adressed in a specific way. The usual answer is “We will work on things and discuss them”, but that’s like me saying I’m working on becoming a millionaire and discussing with my parents how to do that: It doesn’t mean that anything will happen at all regarding whatever specific thing people here want to know about.

I personally prefer clear statements like “Nothing will change” or “In the next three months, definitely nothing will change; we need to think about matters at least for that long”. Even if they are disappointing for people, at least we then know what to expect. A “we discuss matters” just makes people wait with growing impatience; the devs aren’t doing themselves a favor with vague stuff. I guess they hope it’ll blow over; that as soon as RNG blesses us with Pharos-Ra, most people here will just shut up and forget about it all.


I agree there 100% and blow over? Nah, they’ll continue to be non responsive once this is “over” and honestly IF he’s on that imaginary random rotation he’s supposedly in…next week…they’ll be like “here he is folks, you asked and we delivered” even if they haven’t done a damn thing…that’s how bad communication has gotten.


AND one more thing…I just realized I am on a PC thread and not a PS4 thread…Kinda proves the drop table is not random…PS4 and PC players are independently random yet neither of us has had him drop? RED FLAG there people. we’re getting shafted.


and if the devs want these threads to go away…make him available now…even if we have to open a ticket and exchange our resources in return for him through support… to prove they still listen to us.But guess what…not gonna happen,I hate to rant about this guys, I really do…but the lack of sufficient communication makes them look foolish…as foolish as I look by getting fired up over this BS.


Not that I disagree with the sentiment regarding lack of communication, but: when was it ever stated that recipes were independently calculated for Console and PC/Mobile?