Pharos Ra Support Group... All Welcome... 😭



Why, RNGesus!? WHY!?

The Support Group is officially open.


Well, at least Stonehammer showed up!


Not even the devs posting here brought us luck.

Pharos-Ra is a big, cowardly chicken and should be roasted in the forge for never appearing.

Or maybe he went from being undead back to being just dead already, who knows.

So much sadness…


No King Silenus either… sulk…


Joining the group.

On the plus side when pharo eventually appears I might even be able to buy three…


If that baby bunny is real I gonna go buy one today. Thanks for sharing!


It is! It’s a Netherland Dwarf baby bunny. :wink: Cutest picture of one I have ever found online; sadly not my own bunny. And you always need to buy two; bunnies are social animals! Double cuteness!

…Game needs a baby bunny troop that blocks enemy troops from being able to devour with the power of cuteness!:blush:


I’m waiting on him too


Really wish troops couldn’t end up back in the forge as duplicates until all Mythics have cycled through. Didn’t we have War and Plague last week too?


I know I should have danced naked in the sun chanting Ra Ra Pharos Ra :sob: now where are my chicken entrails…


Just make sure you post the video.

But who wouldn’t want to make extras of those?


But… No beard and no axe? :rofl:


Well, not sure about axes (because how would they hold them?) and I guess normally the whiskers would count as bunny-beards, but if you want more fur…:rofl:
big bunny
(Disclaimer: Not sure about the breed, but this is not a Netherland Dwarf. Might be another dwarf rabbit, though, but I doubt it.)



I’ve been using ds and death with the ra twins, gonna give val and acolyte a whirl


Um is that a football?



Pharos-Ra confirmed in Half-Life 3


Im so angry, i feel your disappointment guys, i waited for gard 4 months


Yeah finally got every troop. This guys cost me alot, 20 000 gems + 15 000 keys + 200$ + 2000 souls +4000 diamonds to finally get a copy. About time!!! Lol