Pharos Ra Support Group... All Welcome... 😭


For sale

3x Pharaoh ra, slightly used

Wanted legendary tasks that are legendary or 200 celestials


The fact that I, if I recall correctly, could actually pay the 200 Celestials makes me sad it’s not a real option.:sweat_smile:


Yeah I know it was a joke but if we had a barter system I’d definitely trade off at least two. Celestial are about the only thing Im in need of to trait every card available.


i got you breh



I would like some of those ???


You have a problem I can help you out with :stuck_out_tongue:


Does Pharos Ra taste like chicken?


Pretty sure he taste like humain, he only got the chicken head on humain body :stuck_out_tongue:


Yup, because given how he’s too scared to come into the forge, he clearly is one big chicken!:wink:

Still, it’s less than three hours now, so let’s cheer for the big chicken and attempt to summon him!
Ra, Ra, Pharos-Ra! He’s the greatest God by far!:star_struck:


And a minor prayer please for Euryali.


In Pharos-Ra’s name…


Have you been sprinkling magic Pharos dust on your craftable mythic roster?


I have been chanting, but I forgot to do this. It’s okay, there’s still time - at least an hour, which means I can fit in at least 3 prayer cycles, maybe 4 and gain an extra prayer in the process.


It only works if everyone who’s waiting for pharos chants whilst they have their final pee before Monday reset.

Ra Ra Pharos-Ra
I pee for you
My souls spread far.
Come to me my undead one
I need you now I’m almost done.


Ra is the God of the Sun.

Sun rises 13 minutes after daily reset here where I live. I know that Pharos-Ra will make the Sun rise today! I have faith in you my dearest God.


40 minutes left and then there will be screaming… either of happiness and relief or of frustration.:scream:

…Ra, Ra, Pharos-Ra! He’s the greatest God by far…

If he fails to show up again, I demand that his flavor text should be changed to something like ‘The chicken that never crossed the street’ or ‘the chicken that never got roasted in the forge’ or whatever.


Dr. Ian Malcolm: Oh, yeah. Oooh, ahhh, that’s how it always starts. Then later there’s running and um, screaming.


I am raising my own chant for King Silenus… I have no need of further Pharos…


Not seeing Pharos Ra on console Sorry all.


No Pharos-Ra on PC/Mobile, either, so…
Support Group launch NOW!

Have a tiny baby bunny to soothe all our tears and make this sad Monday a bit happier.:sob: