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Pharos Ra Support Group... All Welcome... 😭

At least someone have the chance to craft Euryali and Famine this week. Better luck next time Pharos chasers!

That’s exactly what i did. I gave up completely on any hope of pharos and crafted famine. Of course that probably means pharos will be in there next week and i will be kicking myself as i already had all the stones saved to trait him. Oh well, least i have four mythics now.


While there’s no Pharos-Ra this week, we have made a small change to the Soulforge random selector.

We’ve made it so that troops will no longer repeat in the Soulforge week to week (so no more 4+ weeks of Ketras hogging the spotlight).


All Praise @Nimhain!!!
You have made my month!!!
And I bought a house a week ago!!!


Wait, does that mean that a mythic could theoretically still never come up? That is, is it only the previous week’s craftable mythics that will be excluded from the current week’s soulforge? Or is it more of a random process of elimination until everyone has appeared and the cycle starts anew?

So the selection is still random, but it does mean that mythics available in a previous week cannot be selected in the following week.

(We do have more improvements planned but it’s not going to happen until next year, sorry).

I’m not sure I can beat a house though…


Thanks for the quick response. While I already have Pharos, I’m sure the group appreciates anything to tip the odds in their favor for next week.


Can you add a weight to each troop according to their amount of occurence since Soulforge’s release (ie small if the troop appears often, high if the troop appears only few times)?

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Ok let say WB show this week that mean he won’t show next week. But nothing said he wont appear againt the third week…

It’s a little better but there is so much place for improvement. Please make them all avalaible this is the most simple and realistic solution.

Ok, so since I misunderstood and they are not out of rotation until all others have been selected…

The house is still better… :wink:

But you have taken the first step! Just go all the way @Nimhain, troops don’t repeat until all have cycled. It’s right there… just… do it… :grimacing:

You know you want to… :cry:


Like I said we have more improvements planned.

Edit: I believe not all the changes can be made server side, (I’m not 100% sure though)


The modifications are not that difficult to implement:

  • I guess you have the history of the Soulforge (as @Taransworld has it on his website…) and so on you know for each Mythic troop his number of occurence since Soulforge release: troopOcc
  • find the max number of occurence: Max (currently Ketras with 7 occurences)
  • when you fill your pool of candidates, put (Max - troopOcc) copies of each troop
  • apply your RNG selector 4 times with a check for no duplicate

Of course, you cannot do that if you don’t have the Soulforge history… but you can:

  • put all the Mythics
  • change to a daily reset of the Soulforge
  • increase to 8 the number of Mythics available
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This change basically makes it so a given mythic (that didn’t appear the week before) has the same chance to appear in soulforge as when soulforge first landed (since there are now four more mythics in the pool than when soulforge was introduced, and next week four less mythics can be rolled). I hope this demonstrates why this implementation was never scaleable in the first place, and why any kind of rotation system, even one that doesn’t repeat, is going to suffer from a similar problem. Good to know more changes are coming, though.


Yes, exactly. This buys exactly 4 months of catchup as a new solution is created, but in itself it provides very little. Still, it’s better than nothing.


Nimhain said “next year”. That is only about five weeks away.

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I know people are talking about Pharos Ra a lot.
SO, I have a question that how many do we want this special mythic troop? Just my curiosity ? :thinking:
(Got one when it’s released, but never had a chance to use him. )

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Pharos Ra is the best troop in the game for earning souls and levelling troops. This helps with kingdom stars and general progression. I’ve been playing the game for a couple of years and still need over 700,000 souls to level everything.

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What is going on here? I have had TWO posts deleted in the last 8 hours.

Thank you! That’s a nice resource.

It seems the RNG really loves the 4 horsemen!

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Depending on content, they may have been judged to violate the community guidelines. (And thus been removed by a moderator or admin.) Didn’t see the posts myself, so I am just speculating. Could also be a Discourse issue, but that would be affecting more people than just you.