Thank you, thank you devs


Instead of ranting and raving about 100 gems (times 30) that were cost by bugs last week in GW. I’d like to thank the devs for finally putting Euryali in the Soul Forge. Their official statement will be “it’s just RNG”. Either way, I finally have all of the troops!!! :grin:


[Through gritted teeth] :grimacing:

“I am so “Genuinely” happy for you!!!”


Pharos Ra Support Group... All Welcome... 😭


Seriously though, Congrats! That’s awesome, I will get my Wulfy and Pharos… some day… :cry:


Stinker. I’m still missing Aby and YC.


That’s so amazing - Congrats!


“It’s just RNG”




Still no Pharos Rah :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:


I also crafted her. She’s pretty badass in gw and that’s why I put ketras on the back burner for now.