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Pets, Profiles, Titles and Emojis

After a chat with a Dev about pets and profile pics in game, I thought I would start a thread that the community can add to with ideas for Pets, Profile Pics, Titles and Emojis

I will keep this initial post updated as people add more ideas in the thread.

If you think there is something similar or already in the game that meets the request, please say so!

Drama Llama
Humpfrey (Camel with 3 humps, could be expecting lol)
Enemy Tower Buff Pet (Nullings Suggestion)
Gnoll (Razzagor Suggestion)
Hyena (Razzagor Suggestion)
Skeleton (Razzagor Suggestion)

Rolls eyes emoji (Riversong Suggestion)
The in game icons from ToD
Sigil emoji
Bold Red ! mark
basic stat icons for attack, life, armor, and magic (ESR77 Suggestion)

Queen of the Vale
Mana Farmer
Campaign Commander
For the Horde (ChunkyMono Suggestion)
Biggest and Baddest (ChunkyMono Suggestion)
Slave to the Grind (Nemesis-Online Suggestion )
Big Spender (Nemesis-Online Suggestion)

The Wild Queen
Salamander (Actreal Suggestion)


Pets that help against various troop types. For example, a pet that gives +6 life to all my troops, if an enemy team has a Tower.

So, pregnant?

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:rofl: LOL, maybe!

The QA team (can just be a black picture, cosmetic/no effects)


Desperately need a roll eyes emoji.


A Salamander profile pic. :stuck_out_tongue:


:roll_eyes: this one?

EDIT: you meant in game, my bad. Since no emojis were listed in the OP I didn’t realize they were part of the thread — too busy picturing a pregnant camel! :joy:


I have unbiased suggestions for gnoll, hyena and skeleton pets.


I like that they sell old emoji packs and titles for 50 gems. I missed out on the two most recent Orc packs.

I also missed out on the Human, Orc, and Demon heads on stakes. I’ll pass on that one, tyvm, and wait for the Elf, Fey and Blue mana version.

“Sneaky, Sneaky” remains my title preference until “For the Horde” is released. Copyrighted? “Biggest and Baddest” then. Although I was tempted to buy the “Anime Fan” title…

Perhaps off-topic, but if there was a check-box on the purchase screen so I could turn-off (or even sell for 100 gold) the packs I don’t use or want, I’d be most tankful. Not a cat person. No offense to my brother and his 2 newly adopted kittens.

Dachshunds are better. As are Orcs. For the Horde.



Also just thought that I could utilise some emojis when reminding players about events, so a sigil emoji would be cool for when I remind the guild to use up their sigils.

I could also see some of the ToD icons being pretty useful in brightening up my usual drivel about how ToD works.

A bold red exclamation mark would be useful too as currently I use :bang: to draw attention to important notices… Doesn’t look great on mobile notifications though eg
Hawx: :bang: Please hold gold donations until the new member joins :bang:


The basic stat icons for attack, life, armor, and magic should be available in chat.

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Some titles:
Slave to the Grind
Big Spender

I also desperately need a normal “wink” emoji (not the Madness Set one sticking out the tongue).