Pet Gnome Rebalance

I am glad this was posted i 100 percent agree this needs to be addressed i liked the idea of soul glory gnome trigger as it stands now the days a event pet is up you cant even trigger a pet gnome and even on the days its not we have to wait a hour to do another. Where as adding a new gnome will make it even more difficult to get pets as the number of pets grows getting ones you need gets harder and harder what are there now 34 kingdoms and we need 31 copies of each and some kingdoms have 2 pets. Thanks for the work you do Salty :slight_smile: Khellendros


I think that you need 31 copies of each pet to ascend it to Mythic.

I can wait on mech gnome would rather keep the current ones until we hear something dont be so quick to wish for something until you understand the implications

Nobody fully understands them, except for the developers.
Also, the Mecha Gnome is already in the game files.
I haven’t proposed anything new that doesn’t exist yet.

You raised some very good and valid points here @awryan.


+1000 to the OP

The ability to find the pets you need gets worse every passing day as the pool of pets and gnomes grow. I really hope the devs have some future solution in the works other than us desperately pouring gems into the store for them.


Something I’ve been wondering about pets for a while - does it seem to anyone else that the daily pool of possible pets might be limited? For example, one day we might see Whelp 3 or 4 times, then the next day it’s Snow Bunny, etc. It’s made me wonder if the possible pets on any given day are limited to only a few possibilities.

I realize this may only be noticed by very active guilds that have rescues running most of the time. If it’s true, it would make @awryan’s numbers worse than they already are.


Are you sure we get less pet gnomes with each new gnome? I don’t think that’s how the diceroll works but I’m not 100% certain.

You think the gnomes are weighted? It’s possible. But if it is, cool, make pet gnomes appear 50% of the 1:30 matches.
Only the 1:30 drop rate is disclosed from to devs. Outside of rarity of troops in chests and chaos orbs. I doubt they “weight” stuff.

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Taken from the official game guide:

" * Treasure Gnome

  • Souls, Gold, Glory, Keys, Diamonds, Vault Keys, Traitstones
  • Pet Gnomes
    • Trigger a 1 hour Pet Rescue for your Guild
  • Glory Gnome
    • Gives more Glory than Treasure Gnomes
  • Soul Gnome
    • Drops Souls or Vault Keys with a higher chance of earning a Vault Key than a Pet Gnome
  • Jewel Gnome
    • Drops Jewels, Diamonds, Shards or a Vault Key

These are in approximate order of rarity."

From the last sentence I presume this is intended to mean we will see Treasure Gnomes the most often on average, then Pet Gnomes etc. I wonder if this is actually the case though? :thinking:

When gnomes first released was it just Pet and Treasure? I can’t remember. But if what you say is true then with the addition of Glory, Soul and Jewel we would be seeing SIGNIFICANTLY less pet gnomes. I just don’t feel like we get only 1/4 the pet gnomes now that we used to get.

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Something has seemed “off” to me about Pet Gnome appearance rate for quite a while now.
A few months ago I could easily find them and trigger 10 pet rescues a day given enough grindage.
Recently they “seem” much rarer, could be just unlucky RNG though.
I am in the top 10 of PvP players on PS4 every week, so activity level is fairly constant.

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One of the more recent streams, Salty did say that the devs are aware of the issue and are considering ways to address the problem. If I remember right, a potential solution was to allow the player to choose from a pool of possible rescues when one spawns was being considered (absolutely nothing concrete yet, though).

If there isn’t a QoL light update for the holidays, the next update after 4.6 should finally be the big PvP update as there are no more legacy systems that are left to convert after 4.6 launches. If the standard PvP gameflow is altered then, I expect the pet rescue solution (whatever it may be) to be implemented with that update.


Cool. But these give vault keys as well.
And their order is based on when they released.

Well that sells it for me. My apology folks. My taking the drop rate and multiplying it by 6 is clearly wrong because Fleg doesn’t feel like he’s seeing 2/3 less pet gnomes since they were released.
Hopefully he isn’t just basing it off the amount of pet rescues his guild gets each day. Because there’s no way to track how many pet gnomes each member is actually seeing.

Yeah, the wording in the game guide is misleading I think.
We have no real idea of how the weighting of each Gnome appearance is.
I see useless Soul and Jewel Gnomes just as often as the others :frowning:

You really are a prickly person aren’t you? Heaven forbid anyone express a different opinion than yours. I said I wasn’t sure no need to get all uppity.

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You expressed it. Then you argued it some more. To say someone is wrong without any proof what so ever just seems unnecessary.
Like you could just support a change in pet gnomes. But instead you’d rather question the chances of getting gnomes.
And just like any argument on the internet. The second I contest your claim and make it a joke. You take it personal and start throwing out disperaging remarks. Why stick to the topic at hand when you can attack the individual with the opinion instead?
Or am I to blame for seeing your comment as disrespect?
People shouldn’t be so thinned skin right?
People should be allowed to say whatever they want with little to no consequences. And if the person takes offense over it… Well… That’s their own problem.

Why go off on you? Because I thought (had hopes anyway.) That I made the most bilateral idea ever. I thought it would generate nothing but good will and :+1: up support.

And within 5 hours of my post… someone (you) just had to contest a part of it. What a glorious 5 hours that was though. My issue isn’t with you Fleg. It’s the fact that as we advance in technology. We go backwards in terms of public civility. But it has absolutely nothing to do with pets. A large part of our population treat pets better than humans. (Back on track…ish. :grinning:)

Thank you for bringing up this pet issue. I really hope improvement is made in this game subsystem.

Pets and deeds are ideas I really like on the surface and really hate on the current implementation. PVPing a bunch might make an extra couple pets spawn in a day but the chance of being one I want just gets worse and worse as time goes on. Other games have pet lures or choice systems or you can go somewhere in the game to find what you are specifically looking for. Gems you just play and hope for random luck. (Don’t want to tangent into how annoyingly bad the current deed system is but in my mind it is a similar problem. Something that makes your character/account better but you have basically no control over the system because it is just random number generator controlled. Did I get a pet or deed I wanted this week? Nope. Will I next week? Probably not.)