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Pet Gnome bug happened just now

I fought a team with no pet gnome in there line up, when the battled started a Pet Gnome showed up i told my guild i have a pet gnome that showed up can i defeat it they said yes there no pet events right now so i defeated the pet gnome and we got no pet to rescue. I trestarted my console and nothinng happened.

Are you sure it was a real pet gnome? Cause people can get that troop from the vault. If someone use that troop you won’t trigger the rescue pet even. Good way to know if it’s a real gnome is look for a little bag of gold on the card


Hey @ThaSneakyNinja If you write a support ticket with the date/time this issue occurred, we can check your account to see if it was a real random Pet Gnome or if it was just a troop the player put on their team.


Hi Kafka it was July 30 2017 around 6:45. I am sorry i will start dateing my support tickets