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Vault Troops in Arena

Hi All,

One of our guildies encountered a pet gnome in arena and being his first rescue mission and out of excitement, immediately sent an announcement through discord for others to be ready.

Oddly though the rescue mission didn’t trigger even after he completed all 8 rounds.

I just wanted to check whether this was a bug or are vault troops also given as selectable options in the arena?


From what I understand, you can only trigger a pet rescue event in PVP. I feel like because of this the troop shouldn’t be allowed in Arena, but I know that he is a troop you can obtain (he is under my list of troops I don’t have yet) so maybe somebody put him in their arena team as a cruel joke?

Pet gnomes can appear in Arena according to Sirrian’s pet preview video.


Oh really now? Sweet that is good to know!!

Troops in arena are selected from a preset pool so you can’t deliberately add them for trolling.

As Ashasekayi has added they are known to appear in arena however in this instance all i can understand this is either a bug or you can choose them from the troops selection.

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There was a report yesterday of an Epic troop appearing in Arena, so there may be some weird stuff happening due to new troops being added to Arena. The enemy lineups that we see aren’t actually lineups that people have used, but actual heroes plus three random troops pulled from a list of available troops. If Pet Gnome was added to the available troop pool that the random troops are pulled from (accidentally or deliberately), that might explain it.

Did the person who saw it happen to notice if the Gnome had the little loot bag icon in the top left of the card?

That was the first question we all asked :confused:

Unfortunately he was too over the moon to have taken any notice.

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I can confirm what @Ashasekayi said.
In Arena last week:


Pet gnomes and treasure gnomes often appear in the arena. Please note that the opposing team is not one that is selected by the opposing player. Gnomes are NOT selectable and are not in the drop pool. The opposing player’s team is RANDOMLY selected by the AI, and gnomes appear by chance, just as they do in pvp.

Edit: Sorry, @Stan, this isn’t directed at you personally.

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No apology needed.

The OP’s issue is that a pet gnome appeared in Arena but didn’t trigger a pet event, similar to what happens when a player places the gnome cards they have acquired on their PvP defense team.

It has happened to me to kill a pet gnome and not trigger a pet event. It was less than 1h before reset and just before the 24h pet event thingy and that’s why the gnome didn’t trigger anything.

Do you know if your guildmate recieved white pet food after that arena fight?

So it’s only the hero and selected weapon that is preset from history and the remaining 3 troops are just randomly generated?

He didn’t recieve any white pet food :confused:
We already investigated.

The 2 immediate questions we asked were

  1. Did you see a money bag next to the gnome?
  2. Did you recieve white pet food at rhe end of the battle?
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Correct, with the exception of Dawnbringer, which is now replaced so you don’t have to face it as a defensive weapon.

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Thank you RiverSong.
That was very insightful :blush: