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On the PC (Steam version of Gems of War), I am getting either a blank screen or an empty interface when I load the game. I was able to get it to work for a while by using the Steam “verify the game cache,” but it is back with a vengeance. Sometimes the screen blanks out with only the Gems of War graphic mouse pointer visible.

Please note that this is not happening on my android device.

I just thought I would mention this in case someone else has a similar issue. This may just be a hiccup while the new update settles? Any help would be appreciated, but I am a patient sort so no worries.


Main Screen

PvP Screen

it’s looks like some corrupted files… did you tried to uninstall the game, and reload it…

Thanks. It seems to be intermittent. It worked for a while then stopped. It just started working again. When it crops back up I will do an uninstall and see how if that helps.

Reinstalled and the cache verified, but the freezing, empty interface, black screen persists. Again, I am just letting you all know in case this is somewhat common on the PC. I am not having trouble with the android version. I am sure it will get sorted soon, but I thought I would post briefly that it is continuing.

Here is a technical diagram of what is happening on my computer:

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so … try to update your adobe air version (lastest… otherwise a ticket for support…

i can’t help you anymore

My Adobe is up to date, thanks–still happening, albeit intermittently.

And I am not trying to cadge help from you or anyone else. As I said I am just letting folks know in case this is common on the PC. I seriously doubt this is only on my end. I am sure it will get sorted soon.