[SOLVED] Game not starting on Steam

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2022-01-31_10-02-16 Error

After the daily reset, this loading screen appears while the game loading.
And game windows shuts down.

Game working on Android.

Hey @ALP sorry this is happening especially right on weekly reset.

Can you please try the troubleshooting steps here and let me know if you still get the issue after?

Feel free to leave reinstalling as the last option if you want.


Thanks for super fast response.
It was working fine 15-20 min ago before daily reset.
It must have something to with the daily reset.

I restarted the PC. It’s working now =)

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phew, there was a small file that went out for some new content this week, my guess is your game didn’t download it immediately, but once it had it sorted itself out. Yell out if you get this again during the week but my guess is it’s completely resolved now.

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Thanks again. Will the “The Magician” on the vault rewards this week?

Not this week, I think it’s next week. We’ll include it in the weekly blog post when it goes into the Vault :slight_smile:

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Thank you.