[PASSED ON] No documentation for new Skull gem

Platform, device version and operating system:
All platforms.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I was expecting Luther to give proper details of what the new +10 Skull Gem does, as well as having even more extensive detail added to the official Game Guide. Instead, I don’t even know what it’s called!

  1. What is the new +10 Skull Gem called?

  2. What is the shape of the Skull’s explosion?

  3. What is the chance of the new Skull appearing? (More on this, below.)

  4. Does the chance of the new Skull appearing increase during a Bonestorm and/or a Doomstorm?

  5. Can the new Skull be created by existing Spells that create Skulls/Doomskulls?

  6. Does the new Skull count for Spells boosted by Skulls and/or Doomskulls?

Gem Chances
In general, I think the community has an assumption that each of the colours, and Skulls have an equal chance to appear on the board (1 in 7), with some small percentage of Skulls instead being Doomskulls.

Could you please tell us the exact percentages at this moment in time? Thank you.


According to the patch notes, we at least have a name for the thing: Uber Doomskull.


It would help.

However we still await the numbers for Ochre Jelly and the other troops that base their casts of most ally colour used - from Dripping Caverns. Maybe they could throw them in too… I mean it is kind of a requirement…

Can I pay $10 for an Uber Doomskull Elite and $25 for an Uber Doomskull Elite+?

It has its own storm, actually. And watch out when that storm is given to your opponent!

Message received loud and clear. I’ve passed this on to our support team, who write the game guides and help centre articles.


Few people read the patch notes (not even me, a lot of the time).

More important, that name is a bit clunky. I reckon it should be officially renamed to something shorter. The obvious option is Uberskull. But maybe there’s something that sounds even better. :slight_smile:

@Kafka - think about it?

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Tentaskull? Get it? Ten-… I’ll see myself out.


I think [GEM_SKULL_10_PLUS_UNTRANSLATED] has a nice ring to it


If it’s an Überskull (with or without doom) can we at least have an Umlaut or are we implying it’s a rideshare skull?

Decaskull, maybe?

Hey sorry for the delay on the article, here it is. I will add to it as new Heroic Gems are released :slight_smile:


PEW PEW Kafka with the goods.


I’d still like to see more detail of drop chances. And a less clumsy name. But I guess that’s not up to you.

Thanks for adding it to the Guide. :slight_smile: