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P4-NTH4 question... I might be missing something here

When I use Amarok and I’m about to cast his spell the right side of the screen will show the boost in percentage of possibility I have of devouring the enemy. However when I’m about to cast with P4-NTH4 it doesn’t show me the boost in percentage of possibility to destroy the enemy. Is there a reason as to why it doesn’t show the boost for P4-NTH4 but it shows it for Amarok? Actually it shows these numbers for a lot of troops but I just used Amarok because his spell is the most similar one to P4-NTH4’s.

Thanks for any clarification

With Amarok you have the boost bonus showed before targeting an enemy.
With P4nth4, the boost could only appear after targeting an enemy.
I guess it would require too much time to add this feature.

One more missing thing in the game like recently the explanation in game of madness and electronic storms. (at least on the french version/xbox for this one)


Thanks for the quick reply. That makes sense.