Orc's Magic intent

Orc’s magic description says it “destroys a number of skulls”. What I see is that the magic is “removing the skulls” from the board.

What’s the real intent of Orc’s magic?

I’ve noticed that when the word “destroy” is mentioned it means that the gems are removed with full effect (like Behemoth and Thrall). On the other hand, when a gem is “removed” there’s no effect. So in the case of Orc’s magic, destroying skulls doesn’t really do anything (it only gains attack if it has taken damage and the it’s a fixed number - don’t scalate by the number of skulls destroyed). Maybe Orc needs some love to make it a bit more useful?

As a side note, I really liked to play with Ghoul. Used to run 2x Ghoul, Infernal King and Sheggra. It was fun to play. Ghoul destroying a x number of gems to kick fill up other cards, stone link, cursed and most importantly quick to fill up. Good card without being overpowered. If there was a poll, I would vote to Ghoul to get his old magic power back :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I believe Orc’s destroying of skulls should be doing damage to the first target equal to the amount of skulls destroyed (ie removed with full effect) if that’s not happening then I think that might be a bug?

Didn’t think about that. It should be inflicting damage huh?

It should since it says “Destroy” meaning the Skulls are removed with full effect as if they were matched (at 1 point of damage per skull). This is how it works with other Destroy troops that can hit skulls (eg Behemoth).

Possibly it might be a little bug then (and since nobody really plays with him, the bug was overlooked). Let’s see what any of devs have to say about it.
Thanks dude.

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I did some internal testing with the Orc’s spell and he seems to be working correctly.

His spell destroys X number of skulls on the board (where x= base spell amount + Magic). You should gain the full effect of the destroyed skulls (so destroying 7 skulls should deal 7 damage to the first enemy troop). If he is damaged (his life is below starting point), he should then gain 4 Attack.


Yea, I just played a couple of matches this morning with and against Orc, and indeed his magic is working as supposed to (destroying the skulls and dealing the damage). But last night after setting up my pvp defense team with an Orc to lead them, I played some matches against my defense to test it. Destroying skulls wasn’t dealing the damage.

Oh boy, I hope I am not becoming mad as the Mad Prophet or Hag.

Thanks for having a look at it Nimhain.