Orbweaver with 50% damage reduction?

Ran into an orbweaver with 50% magic damage reduction. Tip says I was doing 100 true damage. He was taking only 50.

How is this possible? No statuses on him.

If a spell is doing damage, that is “magic damage”. The only other kind of damage in this context is skull damage.

So your spell said it was going to do 100 true damage. The trait said “nuh uh, you do 50% of that!” 50% of 100 is 50. So you did 50 true damage with your spell.

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I think he was implying “How can he have 50% mana reduction, when the highest a hero can get is 20% ith the trait?”

Errrrr… Are you sure that it is Orbweaver? Orbweaver does no have Arcane Talent Tree… How does the hero have spell damage reduction?

Pretty sure that’s an accurate summation of what OP was asking.

It’ll probably be pretty hard to answer without more info (@hunterme).