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Reduce damage from spell 20% is broken

The enemy only had thier Hero left. it was equiped with the talent reduce spell damage by 20% . i hit it with a fully traited and leveled Sunbird. it was only 7 damage. is this right ??
@Kafka @Ozball @Cyrup

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Did you notice how much Life it had left?

If it had only 7 life, that’s all the damage that will be shown, ie enough to kill it.

yes it had full life.

The 20% reduction is way off.


Looks like an interaction bug with scatter damage. Scatter damage will only allocate enough damage to a troop for it to be lethal, never more. Even though there are no other targets, scatter damage still won’t “overkill”. It appears to not be considering the 20% reduction when making this allocation, meaning that any scatter damage probably won’t be able to kill a hero with this talent at all. In the video posted, the troop had 32 life and took 28 damage. It was allocated 32 damage, and the talent reduced this damage to 27.2 (in this case, it appears to round up) and the troop only took 28 damage.

In the past, this scatter damage allocation bug would also occur with stuff like Humility (not sure if it was fixed, actually), where you could have enough damage to wipe the entire team, but because Humility’s trait triggered when it is dealt damage and damage is dealt sequentially but the allocated damage remains the same, the two armor buff would save everyone on the team below the Humility.


Same here!

Before I cast sunbird


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As far as I see, the 20% is simply 50%. Noticed this with scatter damage, when the enemy hero with Dawnbringer was the last one standing. Not sure about direct spell damage. Will keep an eye on that and report back here.

EDIT: nope I’m wrong and @Mithran is right. Also noticed the same number while he was going down.

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Thanks for reporting this, I made a bug report for it so we can investigate it.