Orb description in game


Hi devs, it would be nice if we could see somewhere in the game what does exactly each orbs

You could add option in my collection so we push x button and see the orbs description, thanks


Under hero collection maybe we can hit square on each one so we know.


It exactly what i was saying exept on xbox, so X button for us :stuck_out_tongue:


Well we can see it on the Orb tab on troops menu


Good points but bad spot to put it :slight_smile:

And not every orb are there, it missing the orb of clan


Just like traitstones show u where to get them, hitting a button here could give you a description of each.


Well you guys are totally correct, it shows how rushed has been this update. Case in point the recurrent servers issues.


I’ll say it a million times, we are the beta testers, funny though the update was on Friday when they were all in. To catch the gnomes, but raids are released and we have to deal with it all day because they aren’t in office. Coincidence?