Option to craft orb of clans using other orbs in the soulforge

It has been remarked several times how lackluster orbs of growth and wisdom are for end-gamers, which makes collecting most of the major raid/invasion/bounty rewards quite disappointing… Wouldn’t the option of transforming them into orb of clans (say, by using 2/3 of the other orbs) help in that regard? Guild seals are always useful, no matter at what stage of the game you are, and with orbs being so scarce I don’t think it would be economy-breaking either…


Very good idea. And while they are at it, they maybe can try to give end-players a feature to do something with the soul surplus…


I’m sure I am not alone in having a lot of orbs of growth. Once you get dawnbinger, souls tend to pile up. I am at the stage of the game where my main use of orbs is saving up for Zuul’Goth. Why not use a number of orbs to craft orbs of a more rare level? I have no use for common ingots, but I can use them to make rare ingots and so on. Orbs seem to be ranked growth, wisdom, ascension, why not craft growth into wisdom and wisdom into ascension in the soul forge?

Maybe they would, but certainly would put a “limit” to guild contribution per player, otherwise just one person could reach 20k etc

but such a nice idea