Option to cancel explore runs (without losing)

So far, the only option to stop an explore run is to lose a fight.
As I am doing level 1 and 12 runs for different purposes, I would like to have a way to quickly end the first of these right from the explore menu before finishing them.

… I think, that’s all I can say about it.


I am curious , you can start the fight and retreat right? So you are looking to save a few second on that ?

There’s two things, that make me unsatisfied with the retreat option. For one, a mini boss fight still rewards tokens at a loss/retreat, and I definitely would not like to gain a chest on a low level run (or have to fit in a high level run every couple of attempts to farm off the exceed). And secondly, a retreat means, the next fight will contain no gnome.
It’s not so much about saving time, but about getting out of an ongoing run without disadvantages.

You mean the Boss fight, right? Stop after the Mini Boss fight, explore some other kingdom until you have less than 100 mythstones left. Your original Boss fight will still be open, attempting to enter it with less than 100 mythstones asks you if you want to cancel your run.

Not much of a difference to doing a high level run inbetween low level farming to work off mythstones. And like I said, not the perfect solution in my eyes, which is why I would like a button, that allows me to simply end the explore run after my four regular fights are done (or at any other point… ever misclicked and started a run on a different difficulty than you intended?).

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If mythstones are the only case, i’d say: do what I did:

  • ignore mythstones

I used to throw some d12 battles into d1 battles when I was doing statistics for explore runs, but after some times i decided to complately ignore mythstones. Thing is → if you’re doing a lot of low lvl explore it not worth switching to d12 to just get more tokens… it consumes to much time.
On the other hand, if you’re farming traitstones, you’re pretty much better doing d12 only…

But that’s just observation based on my gameplay, teams I use etc… Other players might how different approach.

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I’m equally annoyed by having to do that tbh.

With all the loading it takes some time and quite a few unnecessary clicks.

Not highest on my priority list but it would be nice not to have to start a battle, retreat, confirm to end run…