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[Open] Guild Recruitment - "iBuyGuilds" [16/30]

“iBuyGuilds” (joke name based off of one of our members) is an active and growing guild.

What we are looking for:

  • We are currently in the top 4,000 (rank 3,800), definitely looking to climb and for fellow members to come climb with us!
  • Frequent gold task contribution (at least 20k if you can! The tasks help out our entire community)
  • 1000+ Seals MINIMUM (we’re looking to hit the 20k box this week and the legendary box SOON!)
  • Overall, an active member. Don’t be a stranger, feel free to chat with us in the guild chat!

Players of all level are considered, if they can meet the above requirements and contributions. Please provide us the following info:

Your level
Average weekly gold contribution
Average seals you get per week
Weekly trophy count
Invite Code

Overall, we are a fairly flexible guild that’s simply looking to climb the ranks, grow with people who are looking to grow, and more importantly provide tasks and awesome cards for our members. Please shoot over your invite codes in the comments below if you would like to join!

16/30 (we’re growing! :slight_smile:)