#About The Guild

Founded by the original guild master of the Thunderbolts, Fire and Ice serves as a mercenary community, located in the hidden mountain valley, south of Zhul’Kari. While they may not pose a an obvious threat (right now), these warriors make up a very active guild. In fact, Fire and Ice has moved from a 14k rating to a 2k rating within a month of creation. Don’t believe me? Take a look at this:

Each warrior is responsible for bringing their “A” game to the table…whether it’s giving real-life advice or fighting in battle. So can you handle the heat? If so, read on!

Right now we only have several slots open for active players who are at level 50 or above and play everyday. We only ask that you…

  1. Be Active (any player inactive for more than 5 days, without notice, will be demoted and after 9days they will be kicked)
  2. Contribute Daily (or at least weekly) or show progress
  3. Be Courteous and Helpful To All (There are no stupid questions!)

    To join, reply to this post or message Kross Fyre. Have a great week!