Formerly known as Raven Mackley and Stormy Justice, Kross Fyre, a self-taught warrior rogue with Cerebral Palsy, created the famous Thunderbolt guild on August 12, 2016. At the time, her mission was to unite like-minded gamers during a time of complete turmoil. And she did…

The Thunderbolts quickly rose from a 14k rank to a 400 rank within just three months of being created. Soon after that, they proved to be a thriving mercenary community and Fyre couldn’t be prouder. She’s pleased with how far the guild as come, but she just felt like it was her time to pass the torch and help others.

Thus, Fyre created the guilds Fire_N_Ice and Fire_N_Ice II in the beginning months of 2017. Fire_N_Ice II serves as a “feeder” guild to the 3k ranking Fire_N_Ice guild. This means that there are no requirements for the players in the “feeder” guild, but promotions to Fire_N_Ice are readily available according to performance and activeness.

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