Looking for highly active guild


I was part of Dragon slayer’s and the head guy just disbanded the guild.

Weekly I do over 500k 300t and 1,500 seals.
My main pvp team is kystarnex, dragon soul, pharos ra, and any 4th card.

If you have a spot open and your guild would be a good fit. Message me.

Would you be interested in helping us grow?


We are active, just still new. 1 month old.

We are a new guild, called Fire_N_Ice…looking for new members. Check us out at [OPEN ENROLLMENT AS OF 3/6/17]⚔ 🔥 FIRE_N_ICE ⚔ 🔥

How about joining The Assplowers? I’m the guild master, been playing since the start and my guild is currently in 87th place. I think you’d be a good fit. Join us and plow some ass!

hello do you have a space there ?? would like to join