⚔️🔥 FIRE_N_ICE 🔥⚔️(Open Recruitment)

About the Guild

Founded by the original guild master of the Thunderbolts, Fire and Ice serves as a mercenary community, located in the hidden mountain valley, south of Zhul’Kari. While this guild may not look like obvious threat…yet, this group of warriors make up a very active guild.

In fact, Fire and Ice moved from a 14k rating to a 2k rating within a month of creation and is now a level 133 and Master III guild ranking in at 570.


So if you’re interested, contact us here or write to Kross Fyre #6245 on Discord.

We look forward to meeting you!

@theDrew Here’s our guild’s recruitment post. So please keep an eye on it as well :slight_smile: