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One open spot United Questers #38

We got one open spot (maybe more coming up).

We only got a minimum weekly contribution of 30k gold, still get about 3 mio per week - so lots of gems and keys.

All masteries 50+

Apply now ^^

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I would also like to mention that we are a Top 40+ Guikd. :slight_smile:

So… No one interested in getting their hands on a lot of glory keys and gems?
30k gold is a small fee to pay for it…

30k is set as the current minimum since some players are still leveling their kingdoms. They are required to pay 30k but are advised not to pay more as kingdom leveling is a better long term investment.

After getting all kingdoms to lvl 10, you are welcome to pay more if you want to (it’s in the best interest for everyone), but there are no obligations to do so (it’s not like we can check wether or not you have all your kingdoms at level 10 !)

If you want to join, just send a private message to Jason. I’m still waiting for a 30th member to spend my earnings of the week !

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Hi, I am lv 139 and play every day pvp.
I usually get 200+ trophy and donate at least 50k gold per week and I currently have 17 kingdoms at level 10.
If you have a spot left I would like to join the guild, my Invite Code: LINDONIEL.


We clean the guild ranks every Sunday, tomorrow, at least one new spot should be open :slight_smile:

OK, thank you, I will wait for tomorrow then :slight_smile:

Hi, 30k is fine (still leveling cities) and i can do 100+ trophies each week. I’m in a guild currently so let me know if you have a spot open.

Hey there. A spot will most likely open up in 2 hours. Send me your invite code via pm and I’ll get back to you in a bit. =)

oops, my bad pm on the way

i`d like to join the guild :slight_smile:
level 197
active every day in both pvp and gold donation.

Unfortunately we are currently full, but I’ll get back to you as soon as a spot opens up. This might take until next sunday though… I’ll send you a pm if something comes up.

ok then,thank you :slight_smile:

We’ve got two more open spots. Current minimum contribution is at 30k per week, last weeks total contributions were at 4.3 mio nonetheless. And cause our members usually pay their share on mondays, I’d be happy to have you aboard beforehand, so you dont miss out on a week’s worth share of gems and keys.

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Hiya. Lvl 100 here. Would like to join your Guild. Will contribute over the requirements and I usually PVP quite a bit so should be able to pull in decent trophies. Invite code NIMM

see my pm (10 characters)

Lvl 49 and would like to join your guild, myinvite code is Okashira_2 and I’m an active player woth Dragon Armor and will contribute more than the minimum.

I play everyday and i am very active send me an invite my code is JOCELYN_18

We are currently full, but I’ll invite you if a spot opens up. Cant guarantee that though. Take care =)

Interested , Please send an invite to DAVE 89. Level 231 looking for TOP 30 Guilds ! Materies at 37 level

can give 40K gold

Sry pal, the current minimum is 100k gold, 700 seals and 100 trophies.