Once we were Hobbits - Recruiting all active players! (Except Legolas)

Hey folks, hope you’re all having an awesome day.

We’re still looking for more members, both new and experienced, to gather up and share in the surplus rewards we’re generating! We’ve recently hit Champion with 4500 trophies/+90% gold bonus. Our 7 members contribute a total of around 200,000 gold and 300 trophies a week. We’re looking for like-minded folks who wish to see Hobbits grow! We’re also very happy to help other players get a head start!


  • Minimum Hero Level: 1 - Hobbits love everyone!
  • A willingness to contribute any combination of Gold, Trophies and/or chatty banter


  • +6 to all masteries
  • +90% Daily Gold

If you’re interested in joining us, leave a message and your invite code (found in the settings menu) down below, or search for us in game - our door is always open.

Stay awesome.


Updated rewards and requirements. Hobbits keep on growing!

5 weeks on and still going strong, over 1 meeelion G’s donated to tasks so far, come join us and share in the loots!