Join our guild: "Legendary Tasks" We are Recruiting!


  1. 600k
    2)Have all Kingdoms completed
    3)Check your mail and collect the rewards!

Our Mission Statement: Donate gold and enjoy the game more from completing Legendary Tasks.

I do have a discord for anyone who like to be social.

If the requirements of 600k in gold seems high, we don’t want you.

We are a new guild started on 6/29/2017. Trust me we will build fast, i’m active.

I play GWB but I could care less about its crappy rewards. That being said, I always do my GWB for the gold.

I hope to have this guild on its feet fast so don’t be shy and join us if you can meet our requirements.

Thank you,

your gm

P.S. Direct message me or reply directly if your interested.

Best of luck to you on your new guild, but I think it may be hard to find players who want a hardcore guild with brand new guild statues. They will miss the mana masteries.

Ideally you start smaller and build your way up.

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