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On-line sign and Hero level bar show xp to go

It’s possible this came up already but I’ve not found it.
In our guild there we wondered if it wouldn’t be possible to have a sort of light or so next to the players names who are on line. Something like a red dot or so for the off-liners and a green for those who are on-line.

Then another Q that came up (again) was if it is really not possible to have the level bar show how much xp points you still have to go before reaching next level. If it can be done for the statues why not for the Hero?

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the online thing used to exist ages ago but was taken away for some bs privacy reason for the consoles to get the game if i recall

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People don’t want to be stalked. Privacy and such. 🤷

they even used to show who was currently pvping doin arenas and such xD


Wat do you mean stalked? SO showing you’re on-line is stalking but hanging around the whole day on facebook, twitter and god knows what more is no breach of privacy? The things you see there are far more worse than showing you’re on-line or not.
And if that’s the problem let the players choose themselves if they want to be visible or not. When I’m on-line on Steam or other applications I can choose if my status is visible or not.

That’s ages ago…Wel not ages but a few years :grin: But indeed I remember now, in the beginning it was a feature.

But all those things aside, the Q came up (again) in our guild and as Guildmaster I promised them to open a topic about it which is now done. :slight_smile:

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I was replying to @en9nhcet, not your OP…
I was stating why they changed it in the first place.
Whether or not people can be shown online I really don’t care either way.

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Dude, that is awesome. I wasn’t playing GoW back then (I’ve “only” been playing for 2 years). I would love to see something like that now.

For what it’s worth, I am a Console gamer. And I don’t see a privacy issue with this. Its not like you know everyone’s Gamertag or anything. It’s just when you’re in game. That could be super useful for Guildmates.


Especially with Doom, that would be very useful to exchange info about the whereabouts of the scrolls.

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