A level bar that shows how much more to go to next level

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You have a level bar that shows how much more to go - it is in the top left corner of the main map screen, though it doesn’t give any numerical data, just a visual indication. Am I misunderstanding what you’re suggesting?

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The “progress bar” is vague and it’s difficult to tell exactly how far (or how many more fights) there is to go before you Level up.

Also IIRC the “steps” between levels increase as you progress, so the bar doesn’t represent anything apart from you’re approximately 25% of the way to the next level or 90% to the next level, no matter whether it’s 1000 XP per step or 10,000 per step.

Having a numerical value available (eg on the Hero screen) would be better.


That’s the idea, make the bar show for instance 200/2000
Or a countdown bar that shows how much more XP to go before the next level…
That way the player knows how far he or she is.

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Let’s not get too greedy. In its first incarnation it should be OK if the bar shows “%1/%2”. :wink:

Hmm… where have we seen that before??? :joy::rofl::joy: