A list that shows level = XP?

Is there somewhere a list that shows how much XP stands for which level?
Or the other way around… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Not officially, to my knowledge. But, say it took you 20 battles to level up and you know how much XP per battle you were getting, you could then figure out how much XP it took to reach that level, roughly.

But, no there is no counter like you’re 185 out of 200 XP to the next level, just the filling of the XP bar to give you a general idea

Yeah, the bar is there. Seems it shouldn’t be an ordeal to add xx/yy to that bar since it has to be based on some underlying numbers anyway.

If you are above level 1000 it takes a lot more than 20 games to level up…
So it would be nice if one could see how much XP is needed to level up.
Perhaps an idea for a future upgrade?? :thinking:

After lv 1000 it requires 100 more xp to level up each level. So at lv 1100 it starts taking 10k xp, at lv 1200 20k, at lv 1300 30k etc.

So for each level I earn an event key someone at lv 1000 earned 60 event keys. It really sucks. Rewards should get BETTER the higher up you level, not worse.


I totally agree with that!!!
The rewards could indeed be better, and not only in the case of leveling up…
Rewards are pretty meager overall…