Old Weapons ever getting re-released / sold again?

Mostly wondering about the double effect Fire & Ice / Sun & Moon / War & Peace items.
Given these were available sometime last year, wondering if they will ever return?

Now that I think of it, would be pretty awesome if they were Guild rewards in the new system :slight_smile: First question still stands though.

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War & Peace is a weapon you get from a quest like in khaziel.

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Only weapon I am missing is withering touch!



@Sirrian @Nimhain, any idea if last year’s event weapons [ex: Fire & Ice, Sun & Moon, etc] are planned to be released ever again? [whether on a bundle, event or otherwise]
Been checking the packs, but lately only the Mastery weapons are present.

We would like to bring back old weapons in the future. No ETA at the moment, but we are discussing it here.


With the new guild update the level cap will be removed, are we going to get weapon and stats increase?

Thanks a bunch for the reply. Patiently waiting :slight_smile:

I am sorry to say that but you just gave the same answer again and again…
March 11th:

June 4th:

July 26th:

A 6-months discussion, really?
The only solution for now is to buy them with dollars. Did this solution is not the better one for you?

Hi @turintuor

I think @Nimhain gave the same answer, because it’s still the actual answer.

From a player’s perspective, adding an extra purchase to the shop probably seems like a small thing to do… understandably.

From a development/production perspective though, we need to ask a lot of questions and coordinate a lot of people/tasks to add a new purchase.

  1. We need to ask ourselves should they be free or paid?
  2. We need to consult data for what price points they should be at, and/or what should be included with them - it’s surprisingly easy to add things to a store and make less overally money as a result!
  3. We need to coordinate our opinions on the nature of the pack with that of our publisher, and reach a consensus about what the final result will be (for both cost and contents)
  4. All of the above requires meetings involving very busy people, who often have more critical matters to attend to on any given week (e.g. moving console development to us at Infinity, which was quite an large project, and in the case of our publisher, some of those people have critical tasks on a NUMBER of games)
  5. For our own part, every shop item takes time to add every week, so we have to satisfy ourselves that potential gains from the shop items are not outweighed by the extra work adding them

You’ll have noticed us adding an occasional item to the store here and there, testing the effect, and the work required.

So, yeah, just wanted to let you know that it is indeed a 6 month discussion. We’re only a small-ish team, and with a lot of stuff happening here over the past 6 months, side-projects like adding old items to the store can very easily get sidelined for a month here and a month there. :slight_smile:


Thanks for this long answer. I understand well how it works now. But it is not clear what have been done/decided about these Event weapons…

A newcomer cannot have these weapons and if he want all the things that the game propose, he will leave the game, no?
Maybe I overestimate this issue… Maybe not…

I’ve been mentioning this for months, so I don’t think you’re crazy. It seemed to me like a relatively easy solve: Introduce one more weekly IAP that costs $5-$10 and has a weapon plus some other stuff, then rotate through just as with the other weekly bundles. On the surface, it doesn’t seem like that much added work since it’s one additional weekly bundle.

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It’s not the work of adding them to the store that’s difficult. As @sirrian made pretty clear, it’s deciding on exactly what to add, when, and for how much, as well as coordinating with other people on that decision, that takes so much time and effort. They don’t want to make the wrong decision, spend that effort, and actually make less money than if they chose differently.


Weren’t all weapons originally available for Glory, when they first came out? I don’t understand why they can’t just come back for Glory…it’s really a big turn-off for those of us that started playing after they had come and gone. Hell, give a tiny chance for them to drop from Glory/Gem chests (only if they haven’t already been unlocked, obviously).


Don’t you think we would had those weapons packs by now if it was an easy solve? :slight_smile:

Random weapon drops in vip chests?