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Official stance on new target exploit?

Patch 3.2 introduced a bug that allows picking enemy troops for spells intended to target own troops only (and the other way around). This, of course, makes some troops insanely powerful, e.g. Black Beast is essentially an auto win.

While I’d prefer to see this fixed fast, I’d also like to know the official stance in regards to this bug for the time being. We all know it’s going to get abused massively, and those not doing so will be the ones to pay. Could you please publish some kind of official announcement to level the playing field?

  • “Using Black Beast within Guild Wars is considered a major exploit. We’ll be running scripts on a daily base, players found using Black Beast will be banned.”

  • “Using Black Beast within Guild Wars is considered a special fun event. Feel free the munch through enemy teams while it lasts, just be aware that your placement will suffer if you don’t participate.”

  • “Using Black Beast within Guild Wars is no longer possible. In fact, we’ve temporarily closed down Guild Wars since the bug behind this causes major balance issues we consider unfair. Refunds for Sentinel investments will be going out shortly by mail.”


Elspeth has found some new favorite allies and they are all on the opposing team!


Is this exploit only on PC / mobile? I tried to target enemy troops with Elspeth on PS4, but it wasn’t possible.

I agree. If those using it won’t face any repercussions then I may as well use it.


Sacrificial Priest is also working extra shifts. No rest for the wicked. :thinking:


@Fourdottwoone the topic is noble but if you, and also @Doghouse (and everyone else who put them in) , could replace the bugged troop names (and the bug mechanic explanation) with the words “bugged mechanic” “bugged troop” etc, please?

speading a bug knowledge - explainign how it works, of this scale, is no good

Official stance is, and has always been: Exploiting is a ban-able offense.

So use at your own risk.

They are going to ban 90% of the people who play this game, then.


If it were some obscure loophole that can only be exploited by major effort I’d agree with you, that’s something you mail the devs about. This bug here is already widely known though, the only reasonable way to handle it is by Full Disclosure.

Current situation is that those not abusing the bug (e.g. because they consider it “unfair” doing so) will be the ones ending up with the short straw, as proven by past events (e.g. the Guild Wars score exploit). There urgently needs to be some official communication here, either specifically allowing for all players or specifically not allowing it. Even playing field.

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at least it will save their eyes

I doubt it, but he did ask for the official stance.

They didn’t last time with the unlimited resources in mail bug…


I was just about to edit and say, the other 10% have already left to get their eyes repaired.


I think they should keep it in anyways. Much faster than looping Krakens, same effect. Saves time for everybody. :smiley:


:joy: yea right ofc


good stuff!

Official handling has always been that it is tolerated to exploit in-game bugs to a minor extent. If you benefit in a too ridiculous way (e.g. the bug that gave out zillions of Glory), the benefit will be taken away. If you just gain a minor benefit, you are free to keep it.


wouldnt hurt for an official statement indeed @Saltypatra


I think they should get Psion’s effect to drain mana from skull matches, too. I’d say from the spell effect also, but I mean… well, I suppose that after using the spell, if the enemy dies, all friendly troops get full mana…

Oh well, I’ve always wanted to have my Kraken eat himself after failing to eat an enemy as punishment. Mission accomplished. Thanks, DEVS!

what is this? I used Black Beast but it wasnt that good team… used giant spider to make food for him. are you saying he was able to eat enemies?

Shhhhh. :dagger:

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