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3.2 Targeting Bug Temporary Fix

Hi all,

There was a bug that went out with our 3.2 update that allowed incorrect targeting of troops spells. As a result certain troops were able to target enemies with spells that should only have been targeting Allies (Elspeth, Sacrificial Priest, and Black Beast). As such we’ve made some temporary changes to these troops until we can get a more permanent fix out for the bug as a whole. As of now the three troops, Elspeth, Sacrificial Priest, and Black Beast will target the last Ally in the team with their spell, rather than letting the player choose the target. This does mean that if the caster is the last troop in the team, that they will target themself. And while Elspeth and Sacrificial Priest have always been able to target themselves, Black Beast has not. So be aware that if Black Beast is in last position in the team when you cast his spell, he will eat himself to death!

EDIT: We’ve updated Elspeth again. She now allows a target for Gem Creation, but will still always sacrifice the last Ally troop.


1- looks like Elspeth also does not generate gems, so might as well just remove here.

2- Dark Priestess can still target opponent. (not that it’s really strong enough to exploit)

In fact, everything can still target the opponent, like, say, use the Anvil of Might to give ATT and Armor.
Of course it’s not game smashing as Elspeth, but i bet we can fun with it :stuck_out_tongue:

Elspeth actually only targets your bottom troop (no longer able to choose) & creates 0 gems so is essentially completely worthless. If you wanted to swap a troops for a random one just put a random one in yourself.

Great ““Fix””


Is this live? as in fixed ?

Yes this is live.

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Ugh. While I understand the need for a hot fix to a game-breaking issue, this sucks. Elspeth is one of my favorite troops and is now completely worthless.

How soon until an official fix is out and Elspeth is back to normal? Not really expecting much - I remember when Dragon Soul got a “temporary” fix what, six months ago. Not holding my breath.

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Elspeth no longer creates gems when it casts.


Xbox console never had targeting issue and elspeth still works right.

Efh313 puts Elspeth back in her box…

Goodbye my pretty. It was nice playing with you for a spell. I look forward to your next bug…

On a serious note:
Please devs don’t let this be a TDS style hot fix.
Speaking of… any word on that UNIQUE legendary trait???

:cricket: :cricket: :cricket:

Yes!? :grimacing:

No? :cold_sweat:

Ok… :disappointed:


The loading screen “buffing the black beast” takes on new meaning with this bug


I just have one question. Are you going to bother fixing this with a hotfix in a timely manner or will it be next update before Elspeth is usable again? No judgement either way (I can live without this one troop for a couple months, but also I don’t really need to explore anymore) but I think we deserve to at least know.

Also, and others are probably going to hate me for saying this (and I hate myself because it means I have to update my other account, which is still comfortably sitting on 3.1.5) but there is no forced update. If you have the game open, you can continue to exploit indefinitely.

P.S. Make sure you correctly change her back!

We’ve updated Elspeth again, she now targets a troop for gem creation (and yes, she can target enemies for this) but the Sacrifice portion will still always be the last ally troop.

We do have a proper fix for the targeting bug coming, but it does require a client update, so it will be coming in the next patch.


Will there be any rollbacks for rewards, or will those of us who have been exploiting the bug all day keep everything they’ve farmed?

I always like to see how fast you are to fix bugs in advantage of the players :slight_smile: .


You couldn’t target enemy with elspeth at all on xbox, so maybe no fix breaking ?

so 4x elspeth new meta but have to kill enemy team bottom up? very strange…“fix” lol

I don’t expect there’s going to be any repercussions for people who abused the bug, but it sucks for those of us who didn’t. People were farming gold and PVP rating at ludicrous speed and those who didn’t get…a clean conscience? I don’t think those who exploited care about their conscience, lol.

only kills your team from the bottom up

THE Question
Is this update expedited for hopefully a release in a few weeks, or 3-4 months on the ‘regular’ schedule.

It is being expedited, and should also include readability changes as well.